Monday, November 29, 2010

An Apron Swap

My friend Missy and I decided to join in on the fun with the big apron swap. Missy doesn't have a blog (I have been encouraging her to get one, and I really hope she does!). She has the sweetest spirit and is so beautiful inside and out. We have known each other since we were both very young. We were acquaintances, she was about to be a new bride and I was a young teanager. She was someone I wanted to be just like and still do. I am so blessed by our friendship that has sprouted and grown through facebook. I can't wait for the day when we can actually see each other in person!
She sent me the loveliest apron for our apron swap. Its double sided, so it has a pattern on one side and then a sightly different pattern on the other side.
She also included in her box some homemade foot lotion that smells heavenly! I put it on my feet before I go to bed and it has really been nourishing my feet.

I didn't take a picture of the apron I sent to her, which I hope is as nice as the one she gave me! Hopefully one day soon I can let you all know that Missy has started a blog ;)

Thank you again Missy!!!

A very blessed Monday to all


Pam said...

Oh goodie, I am the first to leave a comment. I can't believe how cute that apron looks on you. I did get the pleasure of hearing the story of its purchase through Roxy, who happened to be with Missy when she bought it, and it was a double delight to get to see it when I was with you. It is so cute, and the pictures of you wearing it in front of the Christmas tree are so sweet and lovely.
Love you so much,

Kirsteen said...

That is such a pretty apron, and the colours look lovely on you too!

I can't believe you have sneaked up your Christmas tree already!! I'm thinking of putting ours up next weekend although all this snow is making me want to do it sooner!

Marie said...

Oh Elizabeth, I just LOVE it!!! The cut of it is so cute and I love the color also. You look so lovely as well!!!
I need to get a picture of mine from Tiffany now up on my blog. This is so much fun!!


~ Marie

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Mom and Marie! :D

Kirsteen, I know we were naughty and snuck our Christmas tree in the door a few days before Thanksgiving :P I love how you all are getting all that lovely snow!

Pioneer Beauty said...

Hello Elizabeth,

First, thank you so much for kind words..

Second, I Love your knew and Cute apron...and what a blessing to have such a sweet friend..

Third, I have that same shirt.. I just got it from TJ Max.. :)

I pray you had a wonderful ThanksGiving..

Have a Blessed Night..
In Christ

Ashleigh said...

Very cute apron!! I really want to learn to sew my own aprons, but not sure when I will find the time. I saw some really nice aprons at Target, so I may just have to buy one until I get around to sewing again...:)

Sharon McDougal, RM CPM said...

So gorgeous Elizabeth, you are such a stunning woman! What a blessing you have been to me these past few months. I am so enjoying catching up with you and Marie and your blogs this evening! What a breath of fresh air you both are!! (in your words, that I love..) Much love to you my sweet sister!!