Monday, November 8, 2010

Nine Months Already!

My baby is nine months! Eeek! Just a few months left and he will be 1!
We have loved every stage he has grown into. I thought I would be so sad, when he didn't have a gummy mouth anymore, but now when I see those gappy teeth, my heart melts. 
Here are a few pictures I captured of him this last month ;)

We had some gorgeous weather and baby and I had some fun outside.

The cats too! Bay loves eating all my dead plants.

Winston fell asleep holding his bird. He often does this :)
Tonia enjoying the open window :)
He's starting to get around!

And muscling up on his arms lol!

Look at those teeth!

 I received the beautiful tea cozy in the mail a few weeks ago from my Mom and I am in love ;) It keeps my tea piping hot and extends my tea time much longer ;)

And my beloved Mom is coming next week!!! 
I can't wait to post about our visit and all the things we do!
Like a picnik at the sea! A walk to the bakery, cuddling with Winnie, cooking and of course talking!
I cant wait!


Pam said...

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I am off tomorrow. I am almost there. I can hardly wait. I get to see those adorable teeth and that scrumpscious smile in person.
Poor Daddy. I wish he could come.

That seashore sounds sooooo goood.
Love you so much.

Kirsteen said...

My little Alasdair is smiling and pointing at the pictures of your little Winston!

Have a really lovely time with your mum! xx

Elizabeth said...

Yay Mom!!! I know I too wish Dad could come :( Who knows he may end up being able to!!

Kirsteen, that is so SWEET! It would be so fun if Alasdair and Winston could meet and play together!

living from glory to glory said...

Hi Elizabeth, How are you doing? I bet your so excited about your Momma coming! I am so happy for you both. Have a great visit and make great memories!
Love the picture of Winston holding his bird. Miss you! Love Roxy

Davene said...

The picture of him holding his bird is so sweet; he will LOVE hearing the stories and seeing the pictures of these little things he used to do when he was a baby. I'm so glad you are capturing these moments for him!

How WONDERFUL that your mom is coming! (Or is already there?) I remember fondly how much fun I had with my mom when we lived far away from each other and got to enjoy such special visits together. Soak up every moment!

Have a fantastic weekend! :)

Ashley said...

He is just so cute!! Give him a kiss for me. I love the photo of him with those adorable teeth. Have fun with your mom!!