Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Happy Thanksgiving

Some pretty Thanksgiving napkins my Mom brought for me. 
Such a nice treat and touch to our table!

Benjamin decided to start a new tradition by having BBQ brisket with our Thanksgiving meal. Not exactly sure that Turkey and BBQ go together. Turkey is a must in my opinion ;) So we both decided that I would cook my turkey and him his brisket. And it turned out really well. 
We had his brisket in the morning (he had it cooking all night last night) with breakfast and then again for lunch and then when it was time for our main meal we had Mr. Turkey! 
Yes, I am very full ;D!!!
He is so pleased with the way it turned out and me too! 
It looks like we will be having brisket for many future Thanksgivings to come lol.

I made my favorite Frog Eyed Salad yesterday. I posted a little about it last year here. I couldn't find the Acini Di Pepe macaroni though. These ones are a little too big, but they were better then nothing! It came out pretty tasty, not as tasty as my mom's, but still very yummy! 
Perfect with a cup of coffee in the morning!

Okay, my first attempt at baking a pie and crust. I have never made a pie-crust before. My sister Marie and my Mom make such perfect pie-crusts, melt in your mouth pie-crusts that I have felt a little scared to attempt it lol! This year I was forced to. It came out pretty well, but I need some major practice! Not as light and flakey as I would have liked.
I gave away the prettier one of the two to our sweet Jewish neighbor Theresa and her son Joshua. I didn't want to be eating two whole pies between Benjamin and me!

This morning I made us some special coffee that Jon had sent us a couple of months back. Its so special it only comes out on extra special occasions like today!
Thank you so much Jon!!

Winston waiting for his dad to come back from the garage where he was busy cooking his brisket.

I just sat down with a piece of pumpkin pie and a cup of tea and how lovely it is to leisurely post about our Happy Thanksgiving. Since this was Winston's first, he didn't want to miss much of it and only took one nap today and joyfully enjoyed the rest of the day lol. He went to bed not too long ago and I hope that will mean he will sleep in tomorrow morning ;P

Shhhhh, yes we did sneak our Christmas tree in our door a few days before we were supposed to. But I don't think any of the neighbors spotted us and we just turned on the lights tonight so technically its okay, right? 

~Thank you Lord for your goodness in our lives as well as the beautiful country that we are so blessed to live in. 
To enjoy the bounty that was served at our table tonight
 and every night is solely from you alone~

A very Happy Thanksgiving to ALL!


Meredith Ivy said...

What a sweet family picture, Elizabeth! It is a good feeling to have Christmas deco up early and then you get to enjoy it longer... Our house has been decked out for a week! :) Your Thanksgiving sounds so lovely and your first attempt at pie crusts from scratch is inspiring. Marie inspired me with her homemade pie crust making skills a couple years ago, but after my first try I gave up - like you said, not as good as I would have liked. I should try again soon! :)

Davene said...

I think the BBQ brisket sounds like a great idea - yum!

You're so funny about the Christmas tree. :)

And Little Man is just precious, waiting for his daddy!

I'm so glad you had a joyful holiday!

Marie said...

Elizabeth you don't know how much I enjoyed this post. It was like I was with you three. I just enjoyed all your yummy and cozy pictures and I so LOVED seeing that baby with his shoes and bare chubby legs!!!

I also loved your family picture. You all are so gorgeous.

~ Marie

Pam said...

Elizabeth, I love your post soooo much. I love your gorgeious pies, and love that you shared one with your neighbor; very precious. Also, like Davene said, your Christmas tree comments cracked me up it was so cute. The picture of the 3 of you is sooo beautiful. I think you better send it out for Christmas cards. Also love the picture of Winston looking at the Garage door, waiting for Daddy. You should add a picture of the Frog Eye Salad, I want to see it. I haven't had Frog Eye since you older kids were all home.

I love looking out your front door. It reminds me of that beautiful Florida weather and temperature that I enjoyed with you just a couple of days ago.


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