Tuesday, November 23, 2010


My Mom's visit came and went and was so refreshing and uplifting. The six days we had felt like two days. As soon as she hopped into the car from the airport we didn't stop talking. The few hours of sleep we got were enough to recharge our batteries for the next day of delights.

That first morning waking up and jumping into her bed with Winston in tow, was one of the brightest of my memories. We had coffee in the mornings on the back porch feeling the cool breeze and looking at the lake water. I don't want to forget it!
On a walk to a little lake close to the house where there is baby ducks.
Winston was pretty delighted!

I took her to the base and showed her all the different special things and then we had a picnic lunch by the water in this cozy private area. The weather was perfect.

Since Benjamin isn't a fan of brownies, I took advantage of my Mom's love for them lol!

 Mom served us non-stop while she was here. I would go upstairs to put the baby down for his nap and come back down and the dishwasher would be unloaded and loaded again, our lunch would be cooking and the laundry started. She did this throughout the whole of her visit.

In the evenings Benjamin and baby would go to bed, and I would sneak off to her room where we enjoyed tea and some form of a  yummy sweet. We were pretty tired by the end of her visit lol!
This little cutie enjoyed Grammy so much! Her laughter was contagious and he couldn't resist it!

Our day at the beach went by too fast. I can still smell the ocean. We spent several hours there, but it felt like a few minuets. Benjamin had to work the whole week and weekend, so he missed out on a lot of our fun. The last day she was here, he took us to one of his favorite restaurants. 
It was soooo nice!

It was a little difficult getting myself back into the routine again. Today I think my spirits are up and I am ready to get to cooking our yummy Thanksgiving menu! 

Benjamin and I went shopping last night and it was so delightful. Its really fun to be with him when grocery shopping. He takes his time and gets way more then I would have, I love him! ;)

This time last year we were in two different states, wishing we could share this holiday together and now here we are a year later enjoying the joys around us and especially each other.
I am trying to cherish every second of these holidays, cause it looks as though we may not get to share them together again next year.

I received my apron from my sweet friend Missy. I can't wait to post it!

Happy cooking! :P


Davene said...

I've been eagerly awaiting this post. :) It's so much fun to read all about your lovely visit with your mom - and see all the pictures, too!

I'm learning more and more that mothers LOVE to serve their grown children by the things you mentioned: dishes, laundry, etc. Isn't that wonderful? :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Pam said...

Oh, this post is like being there all over again. I love it so much. Thanks so much for the wonderful, wonderful time.
Love you soooo much,

Kirsteen said...

I've been looking forward to reading all about your mum's visit since she went away!

Sounds like you had a really special time.

Happy Thanksgiving for when it comes xx

Katheryn said...

Don't you love moms. They are great. What a wonderful example you have to be for your own children. I know I couldn't imagine life without my mom. It is so nice to see the pics. Happy Thanksgiving, I am sorry we won't be seeing you. But enjoy all the turkey and fixins...and then a nap. :)