Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Book

Churchill's Promise Land
I found this book one day by chance, or by providence...... =) It has been so interesting. It regards the jews during the 19th century and Winston Churchill's part in it. Winston had such a great understanding of the world and of history. I am not sure of the outcome of this book yet, but I am very glad I found it :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

David Barton

Voting? Christian? Are you living your faith? Then we all need to vote!!!!! Please watch this! Please please please! =)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Playing Ponies

Sisi and I played ponies today. She named them Purply, Pinky and Colorey! So you can imagine what they looked like! Their first names are Sparkily! We put their hair in braids and went to a ball. I think our game turned into Cinderella! =) Did anyone grow up with ponies? I sure did. My sister and I mixed them with Barbies, horses and doll house! We actually had a hard time growing out of those games. I think we were 12 or 13 before we finally gave it up! :) But maybe I didn't actually, because we had so much fun today! =)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Today was fun and eventful. Ruthie and I made yummy crepe strawberries with tea for breakfast. Then my brother and sister-in-law dropped off their little boy, Elon. He is spending the weekend with us while his parents enjoy a little getaway time. He is quite energetic, but there is enough of us around to use up his energy =). Ruthie and I made a fun tuna casserole that my sister Marie shared with me. Oh my word it was so tasty. She puts in the italian gnocchis with small macaroni pasta then adds celery and of course the tuna, mixes either mayo or sour cream, tops it with cheese and then broils the top until the cheese is melted and just slightly browned. It was very good. Next time I need to add more mayo, because it was a little bland. Ruthie's boyfriend Jonathan came over a little later with his brother and they helped us devour it! I went and gave Elon a bath and put him to bed and when I came back to the kitchen, the whole casserole dish was empty! It was a big sized casserole dish as well! So thanks Marie!! Everyone enjoyed it!!! 

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend! We sure are :) we get to take Elon to church with us tomorrow! He he !

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back and ready!!!!

Sorry everyone for being gone sooo long! I am back and ready and so is my dear little computer! We had to have some work done on the screen. It looks brand new now! Thanks everyone who left comments. It is so nice to be missed! :) I am determined to be a better blogger more then ever now! Fall is here and so my inspiration flows! :) Wheww we made it through the hot summer! One thing I am going miss is all of the swimming! I just love coming home from work all hot and sweaty from the car, run and race into my swimsuit and JUMP into the pool! The year will pass quick enough =) Tonight Benjamin and I are going to enjoy some time together and go out to eat! I don't know yet where we are going, but I will tell all tomorrow. If it is worth telling! :)

 I have been enjoying God's blessings these last two weeks. He is so good to us all! The beauty of the season..( I know this is Arizona and we don't have four seasons, but I can tell in the direction of the sun that fall is here.) The outcome of this presidential race has lifted my spirits a lot I must say. The future of America is so important to me. Does anyone else feel this way? Isn't only my family and I? When I look at our history and our founding, I am sadden that we are so far from what used to be. And it makes me sad to see so many Americans act so foolishly about the state of things. So all that to say I am so happy and excited for what God is going to do in our country! =) 

I will write later about the fun birthday we had at our house for Nathan my brother and my nephew Elon. It was quite a success! Very NOISY! :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sorry everyone I have been out of a computer for the last week! But I will be back soon =)