Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Book

Churchill's Promise Land
I found this book one day by chance, or by providence...... =) It has been so interesting. It regards the jews during the 19th century and Winston Churchill's part in it. Winston had such a great understanding of the world and of history. I am not sure of the outcome of this book yet, but I am very glad I found it :)


Marie said...

I'm excited to read it next Elizabeth!

I love your new Profile picture by the way!

New Mom said...

I like your new blog layout. It looks really good with the b & w photos. That sounds like a very interesting book, you'll have to loan it to Nathan and I.

Nelly said...

hello Elizabeth, my name is J'Nelle Smith...i am Lizzy Korday's sister. I really like your blog. I am glad you are encouraging people to vote!!! Can't wait to post my "vote!" post. not only that, but to strongly encourage people to pray for the will of God! whatever that is.keep up the posts!

Davene said...

That DOES look interesting! The history of the interaction between Britain's leaders and the rise of the modern nation of Israel really is fascinating.

I like your new profile picture, too!