Saturday, May 29, 2010

4 Months!

I just love his little baby fingers and toes! But the dreaded job is when I have to clip his nails, I have come so close to pinching him.

I love how he sighs when he eats and looks up at me and smiles. Lately he has a hard time focusing on his food, if he sees that I am smiling, then he can't help himself and gives me a big cheeky grin!

 He has a strong deep little voice and has been using it a lot lately. 

When he meets people, he gives a shy smile. Its not like how he smiles with us, its so cute!! 

In the pictures he is laying on his favorite face blanket that his Grammy made him. It has a satiny finish and he loves to put himself asleep on it. Whenever we move him and he is in a deep sleep, his little body stays in that perfect curled position. 

What a little delight he is to us! *Sigh* 
Thank you Lord!

Friday, May 28, 2010


I am trying to be like this happy lady and keep a smile! :)

Its funny how lately I have been blogging only on Mondays and Fridays! I don't know why it just happens that way I guess! I wanted to do another Tea with Someone Special post, but I have still been dealing with these ferocious fleas! I know that the end is near! Its funny, because our Pastor preached on Sunday about being an overcomer! I am determined to be an overcomer in Christ regarding this flea issue we have going! :) Our poor cats have had to be overcomers as well. They have been sleeping in the bathroom this whole time. I am keeping them in there so they don't spread their little friends around the house again! They have also had two baths and several different kinds of natural flea products applied on them. I think today we may have finished off the remaining little friends. I sure HOPE SO!!!! I can't wait to have our house running *normal* again! I am very thankful that our upstairs has pretty much remained flea free! So we all have been residing upstairs for the last week while the downstairs is being treated. The products I have been using is Borax, salt and then lastly diatomacious earth. 

In other happy news, Winston will be four months tomorrow! I hope to post pictures of him soon. He still falls asleep by rocking his head back and forth from side to side feeling the sheets or silky blankets against his face! I love to watch him do this. :) I need to record him, and make sure it isn't too long so I can post it! I have a video of him on Facebook, so if any of my readers wants to find me on Facebook just search my name and you can watch it! :)

Well, I hope everyone has a happy weekend and also Happy Memorial Day! God bless!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Faithful In Your Calling

I read this today over at A Disciples Notebook it was so refreshing! Especially after spending the whole day cleaning the house, linens, and cats after finding our two cats infested with fleas! I know gross huh? I am hoping we will all sleep well tonight! :) 

Benjamin cooked dinner this evening and it was delicious and freed me up to finish scouring! Its always nice when he cooks. Its usually something special and exciting. I will have to post what he made! I am glad I remembered to take a few pictures! And sweet little Winston realized today that he has feet! He kept pulling them up and would just gaze at them! He also has been eating and eating and eating! Going through a growth spurt I suppose! Its no wonder people have more babies! They just grow too *fast*
I hope everyone's Monday was free of fleas!

Faithful in Your Calling

“The common drudgery of daily life can be a divine calling. We often speak of a young man as ‘being called to the ministry,’ but it is as fitting to speak of a carpenter being called to the workbench, the blacksmith to the forge, and the shoemaker to his wooden or metal form of a foot. ‘Brethren,’ said the apostle, ‘let each one remain with God in that calling in which he was called’ (1 Cor. 7:24).
Remember that your life has been appointed by God’s wise providence. God as much sent Joseph to the drudgery and discipline of the prison as to the glory and responsibility of the palace. Nothing happens to us that is not included in His plan for us, and incidents that seem most tiresome are often designed to give us opportunities to become nobler, stronger characters.
We are called to be faithful in performing our assigned duties. Not brilliance, not success, not notoriety, but the regular, quiet, and careful performance of trivial and common duties. Faithfulness in that which is least is as great an attainment in God’s sight as in the greatest.
Take up your work, then, you who seem to be nobodies, those tireless and faithful servants who draw little attention. Do it with a brave heart, looking up to Him who for many years toiled at the carpenter’s bench. Do everything as in His presence and to win His approval, Look for opportunities to cheer your fellow workers. Do not complain or grumble, but let your heart rise from your toil to God—your maker, Savior and friend.”
F. B. Meyer (1847-1929)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bay Quotes.....

Bay, "I love my life.........." :)

Been a very busy week. But a very productive one :) Benjamin is home today and we are planning on going to the beach this afternoon. We have both worked so hard this last week and a little sea bathing "will set us up forever" :) But I am making sure we will not be out in it too long and that I have sun screen lotion on this time! I have just finished peeling, gross I know! :) I have felt like a snake these last two weeks! 

Little Winston almost turned over onto his belly last night! I can't believe it! He was snuggling against his little pillow and turned his body almost all the way over!
He thinks his Daddy is very funny and laughs every time he looks at him! :) He also finds it funny now, when I change his clothes! He laughs and giggles once the shirt goes over his head! He he!!

His name is ringing true! My little joyful rock!

I hope everyone has had a nice week :)

Much love!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tea with Abigail

I have decided to have tea once a week with someone very special! I am very excited about this!!! And I hope to improve my interviewing as I go.  Today I have chosen to have tea with Abigail Adams. I will ask her a few questions and then ask her to share with us some of her letters and correspondence with her husband. If any of my friends have any ideas for the future who they would like me to have tea with let me know and I will interview and ask them questions we would all love to hear!

Me: Tell me a little about yourself,  What is your name and when you were born, your children and your husband.

A:  My name is Abigail Smith Adams. I was born in 1744 and died 1818.  My husband is John Adams the second President of the United States 1797- 1801. We have five children, one of our sons became the sixth President of the United States.

Me: What is something you are remembered for saying?

A: "You cannot be, I know, nor do I wish to see you, an inactive spectator......We have too many high sounding words, and too few actions that correspond with them." A statement in a letter to my husband.

Me: Now Abigail would you be so kind to share with us a letter that you wrote expressing your opinions and ideas?

Here is a letter to my husband after I had finally heard of his safe arrival in France. 

Boston june 18 1778
My Dear Sir
At length my anxiety is relieved and the happy happy tidings of your arrival and safety in France has reachd my Ears and blessd my Eyes. By an English paper taken in a prize and carried into Salem, under the Paris News there is mention made of my Dearest Friends arrival at the abode of the venerable Dr. Frankling. -- What have I not suffered for this month past? The Fear of your being finally lost daily encreased upon my mind, for not the least inteligence could be procured with regard to the Boston save what our Enemies told us that she was taken and carried into England. My anxious Friends by their endeavours to console me plainly discoverd their own fears, upon this occasion, but my joy is great in receiving the constant and repeated congratulations of my Friends, and in seeing the unfeigned joy of the countanances of all I meet. The vessel was in general given up as taken or lost.
I have wrote to you 7 different times, but of late my Heart so much misgave me that I knew not how to hold my pen, and the distracting thought of not knowing where to find you withheld my Hand. Do not fail of writing to me by every way and opportunity you hear of, if Letters are sent to any other State directed to the president of congress I shall soon get them.
I shall wait with impatience till I receive some tidings from the well known hand of my dearest Friend. O When, When will it arrive. But Hush my anxious heart, two days ago I would have 
promised to have rested quiet, only to have known that you were in the land of the living. When you think of those you have left behind you, you know where to find them, but I have been wandering from Sea to Sea and from Shoar to Shoar not knowing where to rest. I have the pleasure to tell you that our children and Friends are all well, that my Friends are all well, that my aged Father is upon the recovery from the small pox, which he has pass'd through lightly.
As to news the present talk is that commisioners have arrived at New York. Of this my Friend may be assured that the Idea of treating with them upon the terms they are supposed to have, is treated with indignation and contempt by every American. We dispise the Nation that can suppose us so nearly assimilated to them, as to renounce treatys, break the publick Faith and tamely give up that Liberty which we have purchased with our Blood, who whilst they are pretending to hold out the olive Branch with one Hand, extend it only to deceive for Blood, Fire, Slaughter and inhumane cruelties are sealed with the other.
Many are now trembling in this Town least a few days should involve them in the same terrors and confusion they have heretofore experienced. Mr. How's movements indicate a remove some where and many suppose Boston destined for destruction, but I am not yet of that opinion yet.
I have mentioned to you in one Letter that I should have a small Bill to draw upon the commisioners this month, to which Bill I wish you would add ten pounds Sterling in such articles as I may have occasion for. I find by a Letter which I have received since your absence from Mr. MacCreary, that he is setled in the mercantile way at Bordeaux, which place he represents as the best to purchase Goods. I was thinking to send such Bills to him as may be drawn in your favourand get you at the same time to write to him requesting him to procure me such things as I may write to him for, and to the amount of ten pounds Sterling at a time more than the Bills drawn for Interest, which will be 3 times a year. I wish you would write me with regard to this or any other method you think best. I haveallready paid in taxes 47 pounds odd, there is an enormous tax for raising men, which together with the continental Tax amounts to 50 pounds more which must be paid immediately. Labour is 15 and 12 pounds per month.
I am very uneasy too, about our Charlly. We have no School nor can I procure any instruction for him in Town. I have some thoughts of putting [him] to Board athis unkles in Haverhill where there is a very good School, but could not think of it till I heard from you. I shall now run the venture tho at present I do not see my way to get through all the difficulties which suppose you havediscoverd from what I have mentiond.
I hope and pray that this may find you and my dear son well, to whom I wrote last week.
The Season here is very fine and promisses a plentifull crop. Adieu. Remember with unabated ardour her whose chief happiness is calling Herself your affectionate

Me: Thank you Mrs. Adams for honoring me with your time today. I encourage everyone to read more about you and all that you accomplished in your life. You were a great woman, wife, mother and friend. Reading about you has encouraged me in many aspects in my life.

You can read more correspondence with Abigail here

I hope to get better at interviewing as I go :) Happy Monday!

Friday, May 14, 2010

My little Snugglesaurus

Here is my little guy looking so cute in his little dinosaur pajamas. I am trying to upload a video of him, but I think it is to big for blogger. I'll just have to do it on Facebook. :P

Happy Friday everyone! 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Emily Post

Thinking about life long ago and the systems that were in place. Like bringing up children. It seems we have come so far that anything goes now.  My Mom had not too long ago posted on Emily Post's book on Etiquette. I love hearing and reading about life in the early 1900s, well any American history. Anyway here is a little portion and taste of what used to be a normal thing! :)


  Since a very little child can not hold a spoon properly, and as neatness is the first requisite in table-manners, it should be allowed to hold its spoon as it might take hold of a bar in front of it, back of the hand up, thumb closed over fist. The pusher (a small flat piece of silver at right angles to a handle) is held in the same way, in the left hand. Also in the first eating lessons, a baby must be allowed to put a spoon in its mouth, pointed end foremost. Its first lessons must be to take small mouthfuls, to eat very slowly, to spill nothing, to keep the mouth shut while chewing and not smear its face over. In drinking, a child should use both hands to hold a mug or glass until its hand is big enough so it can easily hold a glass in one. When it can eat without spilling anything or smearing its lips, and drink without making grease “moons” on its mug or tumbler (by always wiping its mouth before drinking), it may be allowed to come to table in the dining-room as a treat, for Sunday lunch or breakfast. Or if it has been taught by its mother at table, she can relax her attention somewhat from its progress. Girls are usually daintier and more easily taught than boys, but most children will behave badly at table if left to their own devices. Even though they may commit no serious offenses, such as making a mess of their food or themselves, or talking with their mouths full, all children love to crumb bread, flop this way and that in their chairs, knock spoons and forks together, dawdle over their food, feed animals—if any are allowed in the room—or become restless and noisy.
  Once graduated to the dining-room, any reversion to such tactics must be firmly reprehended, and the child should understand that continued offense means a return to the nursery. But before company it is best to say as little as possible, since too much nagging in the presence of strangers lessens a child’s incentive to good behavior before them. If it refuses to behave nicely, much the best thing to do is to say nothing, but get up and quietly lead it from the table back to the nursery. It is not only bad for the child but annoying to a guest to continue instructions before “company,” and the child learns much more quickly to be well-behaved if it understands that good behavior is the price of admission to grown-up society. A word or two such as, “Don’t lean on the table, darling,” or “pay attention to what you are doing, dear,” should suffice. But a child that is noisy, that reaches out to help itself to candy or cake, that interrupts the conversation, that eats untidily has been allowed to leave the nursery before it has been properly graduated.  
  Table manners must, of course, proceed slowly in exactly the same way that any other lessons proceed in school. Having learned when a baby to use the nursery implements of spoon and pusher, the child, when it is a little older, discards them for the fork, spoon and knife.

You can read more from Emily Post here.

It put me in a lovely atmosphere just thinking about those grand ol days!
Much love and God bless to all ;D

Friday, May 7, 2010

Much Love...

So thankful to my parents for all that they have done for me. When I look at their precious faces it brings tears to my eyes. I know that being blessed with much,  much is required and I want to give the Lord much and not little. 

To my Mom on Mother's Day "I love you"! 

She is clothed with strength and dignity; and she can laugh at the days to come
Proverbs 31 :25 

Thank you for all that you sacrificed and gave up on behalf of me. For teaching me how to read, how to write, pay the bills keep a house and cook to love my husband, gentleness, always being there when I need to ask something and I could go on and on but most importantly teaching me about my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. 

For praying for me and those I love........


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Its the time of year back in Colorado where you can look out the window and see gorgeous dark clouds coming over the mountains. 

When I lived in Arizona it was rare to have a great storm. Arizona usually will get some pretty decent storms around August. But its pretty much sunny weather forever :P 

 I mourned for Colorado weather. And every time I would visit my parents, I would anticipate those gorgeous clouds that I could almost imagine them into being. They usually would come right about mid-afternoon, when I would be finishing up with my school work. 

Living here in Florida now for a little over two months, I have been very happy to see that we get a good amount of dark cloudy weather! Its nothing to those gorgeous dark blue mountains, but its got its beauty. Especially when you see the beautiful blue green ocean water and an enormous storm system in the sky. 

I don't know what it is about a great storm that thrills me. Is it the adventure? The unknown? The possibility of danger? Or is the majesty of our Lord? His mighty wonders and is awesome power.

Now when it comes to sunny days and myself forgetting how dangerous the hot sun is, and staying outside without sunscreen for a little over four hours. Coming home and realizing I am a very RED RED LOBSTER! I am not so in love with sunny days! LOL :) 

Benjamin has been so sweet and comforting. He soothed my horrible burning skin with real Aloe and fed me wonderful food that he creatively came up with. Last night I was finally able to sleep on my back again! My sunny day weather with a lovely breeze on Saturday turned out to be an enemy in disguise! But I should have known better! I seem to always forget how treacherous the sun can be. So I am currently back to craving beautiful dark gorgeous storm clouds! :P

~One of my brother Nathan's pictures of our mountains in Colorado.