Monday, May 24, 2010

Faithful In Your Calling

I read this today over at A Disciples Notebook it was so refreshing! Especially after spending the whole day cleaning the house, linens, and cats after finding our two cats infested with fleas! I know gross huh? I am hoping we will all sleep well tonight! :) 

Benjamin cooked dinner this evening and it was delicious and freed me up to finish scouring! Its always nice when he cooks. Its usually something special and exciting. I will have to post what he made! I am glad I remembered to take a few pictures! And sweet little Winston realized today that he has feet! He kept pulling them up and would just gaze at them! He also has been eating and eating and eating! Going through a growth spurt I suppose! Its no wonder people have more babies! They just grow too *fast*
I hope everyone's Monday was free of fleas!

Faithful in Your Calling

“The common drudgery of daily life can be a divine calling. We often speak of a young man as ‘being called to the ministry,’ but it is as fitting to speak of a carpenter being called to the workbench, the blacksmith to the forge, and the shoemaker to his wooden or metal form of a foot. ‘Brethren,’ said the apostle, ‘let each one remain with God in that calling in which he was called’ (1 Cor. 7:24).
Remember that your life has been appointed by God’s wise providence. God as much sent Joseph to the drudgery and discipline of the prison as to the glory and responsibility of the palace. Nothing happens to us that is not included in His plan for us, and incidents that seem most tiresome are often designed to give us opportunities to become nobler, stronger characters.
We are called to be faithful in performing our assigned duties. Not brilliance, not success, not notoriety, but the regular, quiet, and careful performance of trivial and common duties. Faithfulness in that which is least is as great an attainment in God’s sight as in the greatest.
Take up your work, then, you who seem to be nobodies, those tireless and faithful servants who draw little attention. Do it with a brave heart, looking up to Him who for many years toiled at the carpenter’s bench. Do everything as in His presence and to win His approval, Look for opportunities to cheer your fellow workers. Do not complain or grumble, but let your heart rise from your toil to God—your maker, Savior and friend.”
F. B. Meyer (1847-1929)


Marie said...

Oh Elizabeth, I feel so bad for you. What a horrible, horrible experience!! I love you so much.

I will try to call you some time this week.


~ Marie

Pam said...

Oh, I really needed this word today. It blessed me so much, thanks for posting it, and thanks for the wonderful chat this morning; I needed that too. Keep up the great work sweetie, you're a treasure.
Love Mom

Sharon said...

Oh I love this, thank you so much. I should print it out and put it by my sink and washing machine lol!! Hope the flea issue gets resolved quickly, defintely been there before!! Have a wonderful week!!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Marie and Mom! :)

Thank you Sharon :) Its relieving to hear that you have been there before with these fleas! :) Still working on it......

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Really loved this. Elizabeth. My husband is a builder/joiner, and I remember when we married first, many of our friends were either at University or had been at Uni with me. My dear hubbie had a terrible habit, when someone would ask him what he did, of saying, 'oh I'm just a joiner'. JUST a joiner! Thankfully over the years, with encouragement I hope from me, and from other brothers and sisters in Christ, he realises that his calling is as worthy as anyone else's. The important thing is to do all heartily as unto the Lord.
Of course, as mums and homemakers, we have to remind ourselves often of this.
Thanks for posting.
Have a lovely Lord's Day
Love, Anne x