Friday, May 21, 2010

Bay Quotes.....

Bay, "I love my life.........." :)

Been a very busy week. But a very productive one :) Benjamin is home today and we are planning on going to the beach this afternoon. We have both worked so hard this last week and a little sea bathing "will set us up forever" :) But I am making sure we will not be out in it too long and that I have sun screen lotion on this time! I have just finished peeling, gross I know! :) I have felt like a snake these last two weeks! 

Little Winston almost turned over onto his belly last night! I can't believe it! He was snuggling against his little pillow and turned his body almost all the way over!
He thinks his Daddy is very funny and laughs every time he looks at him! :) He also finds it funny now, when I change his clothes! He laughs and giggles once the shirt goes over his head! He he!!

His name is ringing true! My little joyful rock!

I hope everyone has had a nice week :)

Much love!


Marie said...

Oh Elizabeth, Your picture of Bay is so FUNNY!! I just love your Bay "Quote" He is seriously thinking he is a king in this picture.

I can't believe that Winston is already starting to roll over. It makes me so sad that he is getting so big so fast. I just love picturing him snuggle against his blankies. What a beautiful meaning of your little blessing!! Joyful rock he is!!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Marie! Yes, Bay loves to lounge around on the couch if it is not occupied and if it is he will sleep on the piano and if he is made to get off, he will lounge on the front entry table! He is guarding the front door! :)

I know his little snuggling routine is heart melting! I wish so badly you could hold him!

Have fun tomorrow and be careful! :)

Marie said...

I know that we will get to hold each others babies real soon! Jon and I of course will be fighting over little Winston. And you know who will most likely win? Jon!! He just LOVES your precious CUTIE PIE!!

And Bay will get my attention while Jon is hogging the baby Lol!! At least Bay won't be jealous LOL!!!

Miss you and LOVE YOU!!!

Elizabeth said...

AHH ha! So sweet Marie! I can't wait! :D

Pam said...

ah ha ha ha. Bay makes me laugh; and you do too Elizabeth, and yes "a little sea bathing would set me up forever too." That Bay is a celebrity, baby Winston is a celebrity too. Love you and miss you all so much sweetie.
Love Mom

Ashleigh said...

This picture is too funny! What a big cat!:)Hope you are having a wonderful week!!