Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Its the time of year back in Colorado where you can look out the window and see gorgeous dark clouds coming over the mountains. 

When I lived in Arizona it was rare to have a great storm. Arizona usually will get some pretty decent storms around August. But its pretty much sunny weather forever :P 

 I mourned for Colorado weather. And every time I would visit my parents, I would anticipate those gorgeous clouds that I could almost imagine them into being. They usually would come right about mid-afternoon, when I would be finishing up with my school work. 

Living here in Florida now for a little over two months, I have been very happy to see that we get a good amount of dark cloudy weather! Its nothing to those gorgeous dark blue mountains, but its got its beauty. Especially when you see the beautiful blue green ocean water and an enormous storm system in the sky. 

I don't know what it is about a great storm that thrills me. Is it the adventure? The unknown? The possibility of danger? Or is the majesty of our Lord? His mighty wonders and is awesome power.

Now when it comes to sunny days and myself forgetting how dangerous the hot sun is, and staying outside without sunscreen for a little over four hours. Coming home and realizing I am a very RED RED LOBSTER! I am not so in love with sunny days! LOL :) 

Benjamin has been so sweet and comforting. He soothed my horrible burning skin with real Aloe and fed me wonderful food that he creatively came up with. Last night I was finally able to sleep on my back again! My sunny day weather with a lovely breeze on Saturday turned out to be an enemy in disguise! But I should have known better! I seem to always forget how treacherous the sun can be. So I am currently back to craving beautiful dark gorgeous storm clouds! :P

~One of my brother Nathan's pictures of our mountains in Colorado.


Pam said...

I love your post Elizabeth, because I love the Colorado clouds coming over those mountains too. and like you, miss that when in Arizona; although I must admit lately I have been craving the sunshine, because we have had so much snow and overcast this year. It is funny when you grow up in a place, how you crave it; even after the lovely time in Ill. last weekend, I loved to come home to the open spaces and mountain views. So sorry about that sunburn sweetie, it sounds like it was pretty bad. So glad Benjamin takes such good care of you. :) I like your picture is it Colorado? It looks like it.
I love you so much and miss you so much.

Pam said...

I Just showed Daddy all your precious baby pictures below and he and I just filled our heart up to the max with our most precious 4th grandson. "Oh my goodness" all over again
We love you so much sweetie

Elizabeth said...

Mom, maybe I could come down and visit the mountains with you and then you and Dad come back with me and enjoy the sunshine! :P

I love getting little tid bits from you like this! And I am so glad Dad got to see the pictures of baby Winnie! I can't wait for you and Dad to hold him and kiss him again!

Love you too :)