Friday, June 27, 2008

Tea Time......

We had a fun tea party yesterday. Marie came over and went ice skating with us and then we had a yummy tea party afterwards. I made a marble chocolate cake and Marie helped me with the icing. She took chocolate chips, whipping cream and some milk and melted them in a bowl over a pot of steaming water, then she took the pool of chocolate and poured it over the cake :) We used the kids best dishes and they invited all of their favorite dolls and animals. It was a great success! And the cake was really yummy! The kids had so much fun and they were all over Marie for hugs and kisses! They couldn't get enough of her! Thanks for coming over Marie! It was so nice for all of us especially me!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Charlie bit me!

This video is so cute! Its not very long so give it a try!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sleeping on the Job Again....

I have found her sleeping on the job again! =) She has already slept for two hours today! :)


I have gotten encouraged by Marie to pull out some cake decorating creativity, and I found online so many tips and instructional ideas that I can't help but learn! :) So I bought some new tools and I am ready to practice! My mom took me and my sister to a cake decorating class and I liked it so much. Our teacher taught us a lot of fun tips. We learned how to make clowns and roses and pretty basket weaves, but it has been so long that I need to pull those skills out again! Does anyone else enjoy the same interest in cake decorating? Its always fun to see what everyone else is cooking:)

If I make anything worth being proud of I will post it!

Friday, June 20, 2008

This little guy just loves Benjamin's pants! I find him sleeping in his pants all the time :) 

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Two Little Cuties!

For Father's Day Ruthie, Bobby and I got Benjamin two kittens =) He isn't sure if it was really for him or mostly for us! :) But they are sure keeping smiles on all of our faces! I found them through Craigslist and it seems like they have been well exposed to people and lots of noises. They act like the house is theirs and sleep about as if they are kings and queens! At such a young age too!! =)

Dancing to Mozart

I put a CD of Mozart on today and the kids loved it =) I remember when I was little and my mom would put on soft classical music and it made our house so happy, cozy and safe. Even when I listen to classical music now it reminds me of that time when I was a kid. I love the way my mom does things. Our house would always be clean or we would always try to keep it that way =) we had lots of animals, cats, dogs, ferrets, goats, chickens, cows, horses, ducks and geese. I am very glad I was able to grow up in the midst of all that. It was always us girls responsibility to make sure all the animals were fed and put to bed. My dad usually did the horses and cows. But whenever there was a baby orphaned calf, we got to take care of them and feed them from a huge bottle. There was one calf that was really funny. She slept in the barn with a couple of chickens and the goats :) The chickens were so comfortable with her they would roost on top of her! She was so used to the goats that when the time came for her to join the heard of cows, she thought that she was a goat! She didn't like those big strange cows. She would sit over all day next to the fence where the goats were. Eventually she realized that she was indeed a cow and joined them out on the pretty hills and pastures. 

All this to say the classical music inspired me and the kids today :) they danced to the music and I remembered! We also made a nice big pot of Tapioca pudding. I served it in fun dishes and it was a really good way of getting lots of milk down their throats! =)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tantrums Anyone?

Do I need to say more? =) ................................

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Im Back.......

What a lovely trip I had! I couldn't wish for a more enjoyable time! It went by sooooooo fast. I couldn't believe it was already time to come home. I stayed up late talking with my mom. We seemed to never catch up! You would have thought we would have ran out of things to talk about! Not us. =) I didn't take any pictures while I was there, except one of the cat.... She is always laying about the house in such a manner! One of the things I did while I was there, was make some beautiful jewelry with  my Grandma Ginny! It really is fun and addicting to make jewelry like this. She had so many fun beads. Every thing you could imagine =) The pictures are the necklace and earrings we made! And the other picture is of the cat lazing about the house. I hope you can see her properly it was a little dark. Her name is pickles =)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Visiting home

I am flying out Sunday to visit my parents and the rest of my siblings! I wont be gone too long. I can't wait to see everyone and to enjoy the lovely weather! Hopefully there will be beautiful storms coming over the mountains, that is my utmost favorite, to watch the dark clouds coming over the dark mountains =) Hopefully I will bring back some nice cool weather!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Sleepy Summer Fun!!!!

Here is an example of the sleepies! She is so TIRED! Every afternoon i can't even wake her up! We have been ice skating every day and today we went to the Science Center with Elon and Himilce =) The kids had so much fun especially Sisi :) Elon is her favorite kid in the whole world. She has named all her babies after him! Here she is at the table, I can't wake her up!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer Time

Summer is out!!! Whewwww! I am a little bit more tired in the evenings lately! But I have really enjoyed having all the kids to work with now =) I want to make such a difference in their lives. I don't want them to forget what they are experiencing with me. That maybe God  through me, can change the course of their lives. I remember my childhood so well. I think that so many important things makes and shapes us into who we are as adults. They all warm my heart and soul. 

I will try to get some more posting done! I have fallen so behind lately! Happy summer everyone!