Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dancing to Mozart

I put a CD of Mozart on today and the kids loved it =) I remember when I was little and my mom would put on soft classical music and it made our house so happy, cozy and safe. Even when I listen to classical music now it reminds me of that time when I was a kid. I love the way my mom does things. Our house would always be clean or we would always try to keep it that way =) we had lots of animals, cats, dogs, ferrets, goats, chickens, cows, horses, ducks and geese. I am very glad I was able to grow up in the midst of all that. It was always us girls responsibility to make sure all the animals were fed and put to bed. My dad usually did the horses and cows. But whenever there was a baby orphaned calf, we got to take care of them and feed them from a huge bottle. There was one calf that was really funny. She slept in the barn with a couple of chickens and the goats :) The chickens were so comfortable with her they would roost on top of her! She was so used to the goats that when the time came for her to join the heard of cows, she thought that she was a goat! She didn't like those big strange cows. She would sit over all day next to the fence where the goats were. Eventually she realized that she was indeed a cow and joined them out on the pretty hills and pastures. 

All this to say the classical music inspired me and the kids today :) they danced to the music and I remembered! We also made a nice big pot of Tapioca pudding. I served it in fun dishes and it was a really good way of getting lots of milk down their throats! =)


Sweet Ruthie said...

Oh Lizzy how much fun!
The story about your cow is so funny =), i love it when you tell me stories about your childhood!
I want some of that pudding. Yum!

Davene said...

Such sweet memories! And now you're creating that for the little ones in your care. How wonderful!

Marie M said...

We Sure did it again!!!
Elizabeth!!!! What are we going to do? I guess I will have to call you and ask you what your posting about before I post!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha