Monday, December 6, 2010

Seasonal Enjoyment

Right now I bundled warmly in a nice robe trying to keep warm. 
We were blessed to have some cold weather blow in the last couple of days. I am sure that everyone who is living in a colder climate would think this coolness that we are enjoying would be Springtime for them! 
Its just really nice to snuggle in my blankets at bedtime and not want to get up because its cold. 
The normal occurrence is that I am throwing the blankets off of me because I am so hot! 

The Christmas tree lights are extra special this year. 
I think I say that every year ;)
The one thing I greatly dislike doing before bedtime is turning off the Christmas tree lights.
They fill the house with such a beautiful light. When I was little my sister and I always asked if we could sleep in the living room with the Christmas tree lights on the night the Christmas tree went up. 
My sis-in-law Himilce helped me make this a year and half ago. If I remember right, I spent $2.50 to make this! What a happy memory making this with her. Its a little travel beaten, but a few more tugs on the ribbon and it will put you right in the Christmas spirit!
My little Winston who I can't get enough of!  

My mom gave me this delightful book for my birthday this year. 
I want to cook everything in it!

Especially this cheese cake!

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests."
Luke 2:14

O little town of Bethlehem 
How still we see thee lie 
Above thy deep and dreamless sleep 
The silent stars go by
 Yet in thy dark streets shineth
 The everlasting Light 
The hopes and fears of all the years
 Are met in thee tonight
O little town For Christ is born of Mary 
And gathered all above While mortals sleep, 
the angels keep Their watch of wondering love 
O morning stars together 
Proclaim the holy birth And praises 
sing to God the King And Peace
 to men on earthof Bethlehem 
How still we see thee lie Above thy deep and dreamless sleep
 The silent stars go by 
Yet in thy dark streets shineth 
The everlasting Light
 The hopes and fears of all the years 
Are met in thee tonight

Happy Christmas Season to all!


Kirsteen said...

I have that book!!! To be fair, I have EVERY Nigella book, but I do love her whole attitude to Christmas food. I haven't made the cheesecake yet, but the gingerbread is yummy, and I always make the chilli jam for gifts now every year.

Your little man looks like he is starting to get up to some mischief!

Pam said...

It looks like Winston is about to crawl? Oh my goodness, Dad and I had some major delight in looking at him.
We even scrolled down to catch any Dad had missed previously, and I see there were a couple we had both missed; must have been when I was at Marie's.
Any how it was fresh delight. This post sure made me feel Christmassy.
I love the wreath that You made at Himilce' pretty.
Love You,

Marie said...

Oh what a wonderfully cozy post Eliza! I just love that gorgeous wreath you and Himilce made! And I am too also enjoying Nigella's christmas book mom got me!!
And yes that baby is too cute for words. Wish I was there with you trying out a new recipe!