Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Happenings

Winston is now over ten months old. I am glad I have tried to record each month of his growth.
Otherwise the feeling of him growing so fast would be worse.
He says ddddd and bbbbbb and mmmmmm and almost bubble :)
dada and mama have been said on numerous occasions as well.
He has been pulling himself up now and wanting to get up on those little chubby legs.
Our little peaceful time has gone by. No more staying put when placed somewhere ;) He has my full attention lol!
He has six teeth at present so there's no asking Santa for his two front ones :)
I think we would ask Santa for a little break of teeth  making!
Here is Bay who always wants to be near his Winnie even though he is missing chunks of hair all over his body and a few whiskers. This cat is pretty determined to hang out with his little companion.
This duck was given to us as a present, it has come in so handy! He loves sitting and relaxing in it. And of course bathing and splashing in it!

He is my delight that the Lord has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. After looking after other children for a long time and loving them so much, I knew the feeling would be even better when I had my own. And boy was I right! 
Getting excited for Christmas over here. We had some really cold weather blow in and our temps reached the low 20's which is pretty low for us. The cats are pretty grouchy and we have had to dress and act like Coloradoans! I am so glad, it really helped set the Christmas mood!

I still have a lot of shopping to do and I still have to visit the post office. I don't think there has been a Christmas when I was ahead or on top of things!

I am excited to do a post for CSN this month. They have graceously asked me to do a review for them and I cant wait to show what I picked out for Benjamin. I will do a post on it so keep on the lookout for that!
It was hard to decide what to pick because of the endless supply of house decor, home bar furniture, kitchen tools! It was so much fun!

Benjamin has duty this weekend so I am planning on getting all of our little Christmas plans in order. I have selected our menu and still need to shop for it. Its been a little difficult lately because we are sharing one car, so its not as easy to get some of these things done like I would like to. 
And boy was Wal-mart packed to the hilt last night! Whew! I always tell myself to get everything done right before the month of December and then enjoy the month with the festive things. Maybe next year! ;P

I hope everyone is having a happy month of December!


Kirsteen said...

What cute, cute happy happenings! Love all your news.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas shopping, if you can!

I have my menu planned too and can't wait to share it and also to find out what everyone else is planning.


Lisa said...

WOW! He's getting to be such a big boy!

Stay warm.;-)

Lizzy said...

Winston seems like such a happy little boy :) you are one blessed mama...

Marie said...

Elizabeth, I can't believe how ADORABLE that little boy you have!!! He is just too rich and yummy in taste. Wishing I could tickle his little piggies and kiss his little belly B!!

~ Marie