Monday, July 27, 2009

~This is the one that Grandma made and gave to me. I just love it!

~Beautiful glass pearls

~The necklace clasp that is so pretty!

~ Matching bracelet

Here are some pictures of the finished delights! I had a ball with Grandma making these. She is so helpful and her ideas are great in her patterns. She also gave me a necklace that she made awhile ago. I am going to have a lot of fun putting these necklaces together with some outfits.


Meredith Ivy said...

Those are so beautiful, Elizabeth! That's so good that you are getting to spend some time away with your grandmother while your husband is away. :)

I am going to write back to your message soon, and I feel really bad that I haven't already, but I've been waiting for a quiet time in our house so I can first watch the David Barton video you linked to...

Hope you have a really nice time catching up!

Holly Trujillo said...

They are lovely!

Marie said...

So beautiful Eliza! I love the one Grandma made! I am excited for what you are going to bring me :)

Elizabeth said...

Meredith, thanks for your comment! Don't feel bad about messaging me! :) I am glad you are going to watch the David Barton video :P

Thanks Holly and Marie! :)