Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Not that you cans see anything! Week 10!

Busy happenings around here! On Saturday the 4th, my air conditioner was giving me problems and sending out a horrible smell. I know I have a really sensitive nose right now, but this was REALLY strong! So I asked my brother Nathan and his wife Himilce if I could come over and stay with them until the air conditioner got figured out. It was so nice being able to be with them! They took such nice care of me. They FED me and FED me! The only sore party was our cats. I visited them the next day and boy were they cranky! Our little home was 97. I tried to make them feel better by putting ice cubes in their water, but they didn't seem to appreciate it! I ended up staying with Nathan and Himilce five nights and I am home tonight. It has taken all day to get the temperature back at a livable state. The cats are very happy and appreciative to have me home :P

We ended up not putting our stuff into storage after all and I am remaining here for a while anyways. I am thankful that I still have our place. Now I just need to make it homey again. We packed up A LOT of boxes, so I will put them all in Benjamin's office for now.

Baby update. Doing well, no morning sickness. I don't think I had it very bad! I am 10 weeks this week so I am thinking I skipped out on it! Which is perfectly fine with me! :) One very hard thing I had to deal with, was a bad bladder infection. I know it is common with pregnancy, but it has been so hard to get over this! I came down with it the day after Benjamin left. It kept me up three nights last week. I would start to think I was over it, but it would rear its head again. I think I am now feeling like a normal person again! :) I have drank so much cranberry juice! I am afraid my teeth are going to fall out! What's better to go to the doctor pay the medication or drink tons of cranberry juice and go to the dentist with many cavities? Ha! :)
I have more to post about, but I better save it for a future post! Don't want to use it all up in one :P


Davene said...

It's such a blessing to have family around when you need something!!!

Glad to hear that morning sickness wasn't a huge issue for you. I've never had it bad either, but my heart goes out to the women who suffer severely from it. I can see how that would take some of the joy from pregnancy!

mamajil said...

I hope you have passed right over the morning sickness...its no fun!!! (I am always sick for the first 18 or so weeks)....Hope you feel better from that bladder infection! Take care!

Elizabeth said...

Davene I know I feel really bad for them! And yes, family are the best!

Mamajil, I hope so too! :) Wow, and you have had several children. I am thinking that I am over this infection! I sure hope so :)