Sunday, July 26, 2009

Visiting My Grandmother

I have been buys enjoying some time with my grandma. She had just recently bought a house this year in Nevada. She stays in Nevada during the winter and Colorado in the summer. This year she needed to stay in Nevada and finish some things on the house. So it worked out well that I could come and visit and see the new house! She loves beading jewelry. Every time I visit she spoils me and helps me make a beautiful new necklace. Today she took me to a great bead store. We picked out some pretties and hurried home to start a new creation! She could be a geologist with how much she knows about rocks! :) I'll post the necklace that we are working on when we are finished!


Marie said...

Elizabeth, you two are so cute, I can't wait to see your creation! You make me miss grandma all the more. Have fun and be sure to soak up all the fun and love for me too :(

mamajil said...

AWWW!!! I hope you have a wonderful time with your grandma!!! Enjoy your visit and take lots of pictures!!! They will mean so much!!! Capture those memories!!!

I had the priviledge of having my grandma until this past November...42 years of pal-ing with her! All my kids enjoyed her too!!! She went on to be with the Lord at 93.

Davene said...

You are blessed to still have a grandmother living! I'm sure being with her helps the time go faster for you this summer...and means a lot to her, too. :)

Elizabeth said...

Mamajil, that is great about your grandma. I am glad your kids were able to enjoy her as well! :)

Davene, your right it has been wonderful being up here with her. The time has flown by! :)

Marie, I wish you, Mom and Olga were here as well! :) We miss you! But I do have something to bring back for you :P

Holly Trujillo said...

I am so glad you can visit your grandma, it is the perfect time with your hubby being away. Hows your tummy?

Elizabeth said...


I am feeling great and still not really a bump to show off yet! I am three months and four days now. :)