Thursday, July 2, 2009


Here are some roses I did a couple of weeks ago to make sure
I still had the right touch! :)

I picked up some cake decorating books yesterday from the library and it helped bring back the inspiration for cake decorating. Sometimes we need little boosts to help us out! :P I had put it away for a couple of weeks and I lost some passion and excitement. The books helped a lot! I am going to take another Wilton class this summer hopefully two. I am excited to learn more about gum paste and fondant. And also take the wedding cake class. I need the confidence for future weddings! Yikes!! :)


Christa said...

Those are very pretty. I do the same thing, I just have to get out my stuff and look through it and I'm inspired to create all over again. Keep it up!

Melissa said...

Those roses look great! I use to work at a cake shop and those roses look FANTASTIC!

Melissa :D

Elizabeth said...

Oh Melissa, you used to work at a cake shop? How much you could teach me! You must post all your creations! :)

Christa, thanks for visiting my blog!

Melissa said...

Elizabeth, unfortunately I did most of the baking :( So as far as decorating, there was no time for me to really learn. Like I always told my co-workers (the actual decorators), when they asked my opinion I would just tell them I only know what looks good...not how to do it. :P Your flowers look great!

Melissa :D