Thursday, August 12, 2010

Visiting Fun!!

Well, our delightful visit with our delightful family came to an end last night. It was wonderful! I'll let the pics tell all :)
~I can't get enough of my sister and time flies to fast when we are together!

~Yummy cranberry scones for breakfast

~The picture below is Zane eyeing Winston in his car, clearly on a mission and Winston posing for the camera not knowing what's coming next

~Zane making life so much fun for baby!

~"And now its time to go backwards Winston"

~Zane and kitty enthralled with Benjamin's music making :) I thought this picture was adorable!

~Aunty snuggling with Winston when trying to do laundry. Winston was perfectly cozy and didn't want anything else but to stare at his sweet aunty!

And yes, there was much tea drinking going on! ;)

I have bundles of pictures to post still. Marie already beet me to the beach ones. 
But I'll post those too :D


Meredith Ivy said...

What precious photos and happy memories to treasure forever! Winston wrapped up in the laundry is so adorable - his chubby cheeks are so round and kissable!

I am so happy that I got to join in with your visit for a short while - the tea picture is especially lovely to me. :)

Pam said...

Oh sweetie, what precious pictures. Like a favorite book to me; can't put it down. Love the picture of Zane giving Winston a "little fun". Sooo cute. I can't take it. Also love the one of Zane and Benjamin and Kitty. Tea looks wonderful, scones, and tea pot and cup and saucer should be in a magazine. I can't wait till you and Benny get back so I can have a nice visit on the phone with you.
Love Mom

Danielle said...

Trying to think of what to say. . . how to comment on such sweet pictures. . . then I come to your mom's comment. It stopped me, and a rush of tears comes. You are precious. The love between you two sisters and your kids, and your hubbies. . .
It is a treasured gift that I know you don't take for granted. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of it with us.

Pam said...

I've got Dad here with me and he can't get over his cute grandbabies either. These pictures (and commentary) just squeezed his heart something big.
Love you so much sweetie,

Elizabeth said...

Meredith! Thank you so much! I love to hear your compliments! They are music to my ears! I too enjoyed our tea time and could think of nothing else for hours! When Benjamin returned home I pounced on him and told him all about it! I cannot wait for our next tea date! :)

Mom, I just LOVE reading your comments! I am so glad Dad got to enjoy the photos. I hope to post a bunch more soon!

Danielle thats how I feel when trying to respond to your sweet comments! I LOVE THEM!!! Thank you so much for your love Danielle! That you enjoy our enjoyments blesses me greatly. Much love sweet friend!

Katheryn said...

You two are way too adorable. I can't seem to tell who is having more fun, the sisters or cousins. :)

Holly Trujillo said...

Looks like you have a delightful time.

Amber said...

Looks like a wonderful time! Sisters are wonderful, aren't they?

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Katheryn, Holly and Amber! Your words bless me so much :D