Monday, August 16, 2010

Cousin Time

It was so nice to have the cousins together again. Here are the two boys in the same pose that we had them in the last time we were all together. Both are much bigger :)
These pictures were rushed and Zane hadn't had his nap. It was the last day we were all together before Marie and Jon headed to the airport. You can see Zane's sleepy eyes :( so cute! 

~I think Winston wants to help Zane feel better :D

~And he hopes putting his hand on his face will help him to stop crying and keep the noise down!

~Zane 13 months and Winston 6 Months

Take a look at their last visit together and how much younger they both were.

Benjamin and I were away this last weekend. It was so nice especially since we had to say goodbye to our company last week. The trip to Orlando helped sooth away my sorrow after our family returned to Ohio. 
Benjamin had bought us tickets in January to the Freedom Concerts put on by Colonel Oliver North and Sean Hannity. The concert was so nice and it was especially nice to see Sean Hannity! Michael W. Smith was one of the performers. He was the best out of everyone and I'll never forget the beautiful songs. 
We stayed in such a nice hotel. Benjamin bid on Priceline for one of the nicest resorts in the area and we got a smoking deal! I have some fun pictures to post soon of our little getaway.

A very happy Monday to all!


Davene said...

The pictures are so precious! All of you will treasure those in years to come.

I'm so glad you were able to have a little getaway...those are so important. :)

Have a great week!

Holly Trujillo said...

I love the pictures of the boys, they are so cute and they have grown so much!

Danielle said...

Oh My Goodness Elizabeth!!!
How cute are they???
Awwww, I just wanna hug them!
I'm so glad that you had such a good time! How precious! And Davene is so right, these days are going to be treasured more and more in the years to come.
Love you!! Can't wait to see the pics from your little get-away!

Kirsteen said...

What beautiful little pictures! So glad you had a good time with your sister and that the little cousins got together.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Davene, Holly, Danielle and Kirsteen! Everyone of you bless me so much :) thank you for your kind words :)

Pam said...

These were sooooo cute. I wonder if John and Benjamin's Dad could get a chance to see these, I think it would just bless him; like seeing little baby Benjamin and little baby John. Its so sweet. Winston's smile on the top is scrumpscious. The babies are getting so big. I love how Winston puts his hand on Zane and love Zane's little face. Its cute how the tylenol bottle seems to be the little family disitractor ha? I think it used to quiet Elon didn't it?
Love you so much sweetie,