Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meeting Our Neighbors

Today I had over my friendly neighbor for a bit of tea and a scone. We had a very nice time and she just loved holding the baby. I found out she is Jewish and it was so interesting talking to her and hearing about her life. I am so blessed to have a friend living right next door :)
 We also have a neighbor two doors down who has the most gorgeous yard, she has inspired me to plant some flowers in our front yard. When we first moved in she welcomed us so warmly and I haven't forgotten, so today I made scones for both my neighbors :P I am so thankful to have friends in our new town. 


Marie said...

Oh, Elizabeth, I just love your pictures of your tea time with your new friend. She seems so sweet. I loved her when I saw her while I was down there. Many blessings and wishes of more teas like these for you!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Marie! She was so sweet! I am so happy to be living next to her! :)

Talk to you soon :)

Holly Trujillo said...

What a blessing to have a friend so near!