Sunday, April 25, 2010

A First

We went for the first time this weekend to beautiful Daytona and enjoyed the refreshing water, waves and sand. We found a perfect location to beach at in a very private, peaceful area and hardly populated. It was heavenly! We plan on making many future trips to the oceanside, with a picnic basket, umbrella, book and of course a new swim suite that I look nice in! ( I'll have to keep working on losing the extra pregnancy pounds) :P

~The day was a little chilly because of a strong sea breeze.
And today the beautiful storm blew in and started pelting down rain during church :)

~I tried desperately to take several pictures without my shaggy bangs in my face :P


~Winston enjoying the ocean water for the first time

Beach going takes a little practice for me. But its for sure something I love practicing!! 


Lisa said...


That's all I have to say.;-)

Oh, and you guys are the cutest family.;-)

Meredith Ivy said...

I second Lisa's comment. How wonderful that you were already able to go to the beach! I loved the picture of little Winston getting his toes wet in the ocean. When I see these pictures of your sweet family together, I know you must be treasuring being back with Benjamin after so many months apart! I hope you have a wonderful new week, dear Elizabeth!

Marie said...

Oh my goodness is that baby ADORABLE!! I want that baby now!!

I love this post so much. SO fun seeing you guys at the beach. Love the sea shell picture also!

Love you and miss you

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Lisa, your so sweet! :)

Now if I remember right, you and your family vacation in Florida? ;) Maybe we could meet!?!! :)

Meredith, thank you! Yes, its been wonderful to be a family again! I think Benjamin and I are in awe to be in each others presence and and to have our little Winnie :)

I am curious to know what part of Florida you and your family usually go for vacation? Did you guys go to St. Augustine?

Much love sweet Meredith

Ha Marie! "I want that baby!" that little girl was so cute!! I cant wait for you to get out here for another visit and some swimming!

Pam said...

Elizabeth, your pictures are a treat. Winston is just growing and growing. I love that picture of him smiling with his eyes closed. I see you and Benjamin both there. You and Benjamin look so cute together as well. It sounds like such a delightful day.
I love you so much sweetie.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Mom! I can't wait for you to see Winston again!

I love you too