Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentines Season!!!

I am enjoying this month of February so much already! No baby yet, still walking around with a basketball. :) My mom is currently down to help me with the birth. After we have spent a couple of days catching up we have been to Hobby Lobby a couple times and are attempting making baby bags, Valentines cards and jewelry! Now that is if I don't go into labor anytime we can get all these fun things done LOL! I can't wait to post the beautiful baby bag that my mom is sewing for me!

My Benjamin will be here as soon as Itty Bitty decides to come. :) Which we are hoping will be any day now!

I hope everyone is looking forward to this beautiful Valentines season as I am :) I am getting a lovely Valentine in the shape of a baby :P


Holly Trujillo said...

I have been watching your blog everyday for a baby post! I know you must be having a fantastic time with your mom being there with you! Give her my love.
I am loving this Valentine's season,on the 1st I had my Valentine's Day party. It was such fun, I really missed you and your family though. I will post a blog on it when I get the pictures from my mom.Love you Elizabeth, my prayers and daily thoughts are with you and your Itty Bitty.

Melissa said...

Hey Girl!!! I'm so excited for you!!! Not much longer. Are you going to wait for her (?) to come naturally? Maybe she(?) will be born on my birthday, February 10th. However, for your sake, I hope she (?) comes sooner.

Elizabeth said...

Oh Holly!!! You don't know how much we have thought of you. Valentines brings back so many happy memories! I am so happy you celebrated a little Valentine party. I can't wait to see the pictures :) My mom sends her love!

Melissa, so nice to hear from you! That is so funny, my mom's birthday is the tenth as well! So you are a Valentine baby! Wouldn't that be a nice birthday present for her ? Yes, we are doing everything natural and at home. I hope you are doing well. Much love!

Meredith Ivy said...

You are so much in my thoughts and prayers as you await your sweet little one's arrival! I am so excited. Your days spent with your mom and Marie leading up to the delivery sound so lovely.

Thank you for your Valentines Day wishes on my blog. I have been informed that a package is on its way for me from England but I am not allowed to open it until the 14th!! So exciting!

Rachel said...

oooooh!!!! I cannot wait to see pictures!!!! An Itty Bitty, what a sweet lovely Valentine gift!

Holly Trujillo said...

So many good memories!!! I love you dear.

Elizabeth said...

Meredith~ Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers :) how delightful to be getting an exciting package! So exciting! We have been thinking about you too!! :P Much love!

Thank you Rachel, I know I can't wait to meet this little Bitty! :)

Love you Holly :)

Lizzy said...

yes, you are! my family makes a big deal of Valentine's Day, too. perhaps it's because we are all girls and love feminine, pretty things?? I am working on my Valentine cards right now, purchased a few fun surprise gifts for my love and trying to plan a special theme dinner. we shall see how it all pans out! Happy Valentine's Day, friend!! <3