Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thank You....

A very Happy Valentines Day to everyone! I hope its filled with lots of love, hugs, and CHOCOLATE!! :P

And I also wanted to thank you all for the lovely comments about our little Winston. He is my delight and what a fun surprise that we had a boy!

Meredith asked about his middle name, which we had earlier decided on Freemont, but after thinking about it a little more, we decided on Benjamin. We will have to save Freemont as a middle name for another boy, if the Lord blesses us with another :) Winston means joyful rock. Seeing his little smiles already tells me it rings true :)

The birth started out really quick, my contractions began at three minuets apart. It was eleven hours of hard work! He was a water baby and came out with his hand on his face. I think he was sucking his thumb! :) His little hand, was what gave me so much trouble. My Mom and Marie were angels during the birth. I don't know how I would have done it with out them.

We went out on his one week Birthday, my parents treated Marie and I to manicures. Nicely colored nails does a girl's heart wonders! They are beautifully red in celebration of Valentines Day.
My parents flew back to Colorado today and I miss them so very much! It was nice that they were able to see both of their grand babies :)

Thank you all again for your kind kind words. I have reread through them several times! Much love on this wonderful Valentines Day :)

More pictures to come!

Winston Benjamin Marius
8.14 lb
20 1/2 inches long
February 6 2010


Davene said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, too! And thanks for the update--it's fun to read the little tidbits of info about Winston. Hugs to you!

Holly Trujillo said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!! I feel the same as Davene, I love the updates and tidbits!!

This whole year when I write/type the word Valentine's Day I remember your mom giving that word on a spelling test and the word Day had to be capitalized because it was part of the name Valentine's Day not Valentine's day!!!!!

Anonymous said...

8 lbs 14 oz. WOW big boy!!! Great job!!! 11 hours is awesome for a first. I had a birth in Oct. with baby's hand by the face like that. She said it was pretty rough too. Sorry you had to do that but so glad that you had such wonderful help what a blessing. Love the name! Cindy said it was very you :) I agree!! Enjoy that wonderful baby and get lots of rest :) Thanks so much for sharing!!

Marie said...

Ha ha ha Holly, I remember that! Thanks for the memory.
Happy Valentine's Day Elizabeth. Much love to you dear sister! Xoxoxoxo!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Davene! I learned that from you! Sharing with us your story and all the details of your births. Hugs right back :)

Holly! Your right! Such happy memories of school days! :) Love you~

Thanks Sharon! Oh I am glad you like our choice of name :) So happy for Cindy, send her my love!~

Happy Valentines Mawee!! LOVE YOU!!

Where Your Treasure Is said...

I miss you and Marie and the babies so much already.
It was the highlight of my year to get to be there these last couple of weeks

Love Mom,

living from glory to glory said...

Elizabeth, what a wonderful story of birth. We are so happy for you.I want to try and get this blog of mine up and running. I may need both your help love Roxy. I would like to get that live feed you have on yours,and your Moms also some music!! Help

Elizabeth said...

Roxy, I can't wait to help you! Once I get settled I will call you and we can do it! Love you :)