Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baby Winston Marius

Happy Birthday Baby Winston

Daddy made it just in time. Thanks for all your prayers.

Elizabeth so appreciated all your sweet comments.


Meredith Ivy said...

Oh, he is so beautiful, Elizabeth! What a precious boy. What an amazing gift a baby is. I just love the name Winston; I told my mom all the details and she loves it as well. Did you decide on Fremont for his middle name? I loved the meaning.

I'm so glad to see that Benjamin has made it safely and is enjoying meeting his first son.

Marie, thank you for keeping us updated! I have checked so many times today.

Davene said...

Thank you, Marie! I really appreciate the updates you've given.

I'm relieved that Benjamin is there; as I thought of you all throughout the day, I wondered where he was at that moment. What a story you have to tell about Winston's birth and how he came in the middle of the biggest snowstorm the East Coast has had for quite a while!

The pictures are GREAT. I love his little squished face in the first one. How cozy to think of all of you being together, tucked in at home now.

Like Meredith, I was telling my family all about you and Winston's birth today. My dad said, "Wouldn't you like to just travel all around the country and visit your blogging friends?" I said, "YES!" :)

Someday...either here or in heaven!

I'm looking forward to hearing the details of the birth, but take your time, get your rest, and ENJOY this amazing little bundle, the miracle God gave to your family. Give Winston an extra kiss for me! And big hugs to you...

Holly Trujillo said...

What a beautiful baby Elizabeth! I simply love the picture of him in the first one. Oh he looks like the picture of health! I hope you are getting plenty of rest. We are so glad to see Benjamin arrived safely.

Thank you so much Marie for keeping us up todate. That was so thoughtful and sweet of you!

Look at all that black hair!!! The picture at the end with Benjamin in his uniform holding little Winston is so preious! Love you.

Ashleigh said...

How sweet!! I know that you are so happy he is here! What a precious gift from God!!

Lizzy said...

Elizabeth!!! Congratulations!!! I'm so happy that you can now nuzzle the soft head of your new son. He is absolutely precious. I will be praying for you and Benjamin as you adjust to your new family. love ya!

mamajil said...

Last night or I should say early this morning I was up with Ramsey and I was thinking of you and wondering if you had, had your baby...I am over joyed that your husband made it in time and that your little one is here and such a beautiful baby!!! What a blessing! You have just embarked on a wonderful journey called parenthood, may God give you wisdom and peace at every stage. Hold your baby lots!!! Time does fly!!! ~ and congratulations "mommy"

Sharon said...

So precious!! Congratulations to both of you!! Cindy had her baby yesterday... so we now have 4 Feb. 9th birthdays, can't believe it. Oh and his birth was 3 years and 9 minutes from Xander's birth lol!! Can't wait to hear all about your new baby and how much you enjoy being Mommy!! Lot of love and hugs :)

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