Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Nathan's Art......

Today I had been thinking of my brother Nathan and his creative pictures. Growing up he always had such a great imagination. He would come up with really fun new games. It always involved the outdoors, woods, fields, ect. It was an honor to Marie and I to be apart of whatever he was doing. And now thats being able to be in a few of his takes :) This is some of his imagination at work. :)

~1963~ Noel Posing

~Open Road~ Marie posing

~Running from Pain~ This picture has a story line. Himilce posing

~Snow Days~ Marie posing

~The Smell of Light~ Noel posing

~Poetry of Movement~ Himilce posing

~A Memory Of Hope~ Our beautiful mountains of Colorado. My siblings and I are very sentimental about our mountains. This picture represents that.

I couldn't find the title for this picture :)

~This one is very interesting as you can see. He simply calls this picture ~Un-Filtered~ Himself posing.

~Elon~ His son :)

Marie, Himilce and I with the three babies. Zane and Asher and myself four months pregnant. He titles it ~Three Moms~

Myself ~1929~

This one is ~The Smell of Clouds~ Himilce is posing in this

Here is Marie ~Snow White~

~Home Sickness~

~Fear Of Rain~ Marie posing


Holly Trujillo said...

I am amazed. If you can find more of them I could be very greatful. There is something mistical and "pulling in" about them. What is the name that Nathan is using... Warcell what?
You look gorgoues!!!!

Ashleigh said...

These pictures are so awesome!! Some of them remind me of a dream. Your brother is very talented!! You and your sister make beautiful models!!

New Mom said...

That is my favorite picture of you Elizabeth! You should have it printed and put in an old frame for your home.