Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Bargain for Frances

By Russell Hoban Illustrated by Lillian Hoban

My mom gave me A Bargain for Frances for Christmas this year. It was one of my favorite books growing up. I love the little story line and the lessons that we all probably have had to learn when it comes to our friends. :P I thought I would just post the little rhymes that Frances sings throughout the story. It is so cute and sweet. I am excited to read it to my little ones pretty soon! ;P

Alligators, bears and me
Are very fond of drinking tea.
The elephant and the wiggly snake
Are happy when they eat their cake.

A plastic pot can pour the tea
For my dolls and friends and me
Just as well as china.
Red is just as good as blue.
Plastic cups are all right too,
Just as good as china.

Now that plastic's what I've got,
Backsies are what there is not.
Mother told me to be careful,
But Thelma better be bewareful.

One for plastic, two for china,
Three for yours and four for min-a,
Five for tea and six for cakes,
Seven for elephants, eight for snakes,
Nine's a trip to the candy store,
Then comes ten and ten skips more:
Backsies one, backsies two,
Backsies are no fun to do.
Careful once, careful twice,
Being careful isn't nice.
Being friends is better.

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Lizzy said...

oh, I love the Frances books! I just read this book not too long ago with a group of first graders. sooo cute!