Saturday, January 16, 2010

An Excellent Article

A blog friend Esther Zimmerman posted this article on her blog and I loved it.

An article by Joel McDurmon put out by American Vision ...

"The problem is that in modern society, we have let the liberals and
heathen define the values for us.

Instead of gathering our standards of
what is to be loved and what is to be “hated” from God’s word, we are
supposed to accept the shouts of shame from li...berals—shouts which
derive directly from their rejection of God’s word and replacing of God’s standards with their own value system.

Worse yet, we never fire back
from our biblically based definitions: we never expose the liberals as
the real haters—haters of God, haters of righteousness, haters of

This leaves the liberals in control of the discourse over
social values."


Rachel said...

oooh and I live in Polk County, im about an hour from Orlando

Lizzy said...

excellent. thank you for posting this!!

Holly Trujillo said...

I love it, Sadly it is too true.

Unknown Artist said...

Glad you liked it...and thanks for linking back! You're a doll!