Saturday, January 5, 2008

Benjamin's library

With Enya playing in the background, its a perfect setting for reading :)

Here are some pictures of Benjamin's study. When we moved into this house one of the biggest perks about it was that it had a nice sized loft. Our book library is pretty vast, and don't forget that all these books used to be in our bedroom! So I am especially excited about his nice library :) We got this whole book shelf set for $50.00  through Craigslist. It looks like we have already outgrown it!


Holly B. said...

I love your library it looks so cozy with all of those wonderful books. I want to sit and start reading!

Davene said...

This looks lovely! Is it always so neat and clean??? :) What a great deal on those bookshelves!

No matter how many bookshelves we have or how big our home library is, we always seem to outgrow it. And I never can keep it well-organized or clutter-free! Oh, well, it's a project that makes me keep trying to achieve it... :)

New Mom said...

I like Benjamin's ?hutch? Really nice.

Jam said...

I can attest to this, as soon as you walk in, it sure makes you want to grab a book and read it. I am jealous of such a steal for those shelves and desk.