Thursday, January 17, 2008

"George and Martha"

I love children's books! Well, not all, but I love finding excellent ones. I discovered a little series called "George and Martha", by James Marshall. They are older and not so modern, but just wonderful classics. Its about two hippos that are best friends. I love the way they are illustrated and the way the writer writes. I think I love reading these books as much as the kids do!!!! =) I even bring them home so I can show them to Benjamin! Hee hee. Does anyone have any favorites to share? I would LOVE to try them........... =)


Lisa said...

At our house we love Beatrix Potter. Right now the book that gives my son the giggles is a book called "The Grumpalump."

"George and Martha" sound great!

Jolanthe said...

My kids love the Froggy books. There are a bunch of different ones/themes in the line up. :) The younger ones think they are so funny.

Marie M said...

I remember these books Elizabeth! You are so cute! I love it when I visit you at work and you show me your children's books that you find at the library for Sisi!