Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Glorious Rain and God's Glory

~Picture google images~

The sound of steady rain falling in the morning when I woke up was wonderful! When I was little, it was my dream to see the rain fall all day instead of for just a few minutes. It looks like my dream came true so far! Its still coming down! 

I am excited about Winston's birthday coming up. We invited our friends the Porters to come over and celebrate with us. Benjamin is going to cook his famous Brisket. I had dreamed of making the perfect birthday cake, but I decided to go along with my friends suggestion of going to Publix and getting a free one year old birthday cake that they decorate personally for you! I am not even sure Winston will eat from it! I am hoping for him to sink his chubby little hands in it though!

I started a new Bible study last week with our church. Its called Apples of Gold. I am so excited about it! 
It is really nice to go away meet new ladies and fellowship. And then share in our Bible study of His goodness.
  Then to come home and walk through our door and see Winston's face light up when he sees me, squealing loudly! Now I know how Benjamin feels when he gets home from work!
I wish you could here the sound of the rain falling right now! I think a cup of tea is now in order to celebrate the rain and the day! :)

Here is a short worship song that I heard off of Benjamin's Pandora worship station the other day. I heard it playing and loved it! So I searched for it on Youtube and here it is! I love it because I have been reading and dwelling on God's glory. The brightness and peace of His glory is so beautiful and peaceful.
  Make sure you scroll to the bottom to turn off the music.

Happy Tuesday!


Davene Grace said...

I love how you see the beauty in a rainy day!

And I can hardly believe Winston is almost one. Looking forward to seeing pics of the birthday boy with his cake! :)

New Mom said...

Hard to believe he's already going to be one and I've never laid eyes on him irl! When am I going to get to hold that precious child? Now is the time, he still flies for free :)

Pam said...

Oh I loved this post sweetie. I agree with you about the rain, and about the Glory of the Lord. I was just reading in Ezekiel this week, he saw the Glory of the Lord many times. I love the music video. Thanks for e-mailing it to us, we have been listening to it over and over. I have just been thinking about how Winston is about to turn 1 years old... I can't believe that. I wish so much we could be there for it sweetie.
Love you so much,

Elizabeth said...

I will be sure to take pictures Davene! :) I know it goes so fast!

Himilce, its a problem that needs to be solved! I can't wait for you to hold him. And to meet Elon and Asher! I dream of it!

Mom I am so glad you liked the song too! I keep playing it over and over. :)
I know our season will come when we all can be together. Love you too...

Holly Trujillo said...

The day sounds perfect and yes it does call for a cup of tea!

Marie said...

What a delightful read Elizabeth. SO SO SO SO cozy! I would love, love, love, love to be there with you right now drinking tea and enjoying the rain why are little boys play together!

I also loved hearing all about your Bible study!!!

~ Marie