Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Catching Up

Happy Tuesday!
I have fallen way behind on my blogging lately. 
I had made two attempts to post, but my plans were thwarted because my computer has had something against my camera :P
The computer decided to leave his personal opinion in the past and now I am uploading around 700 pictures lol! Thanks to Benjamin my camera has a huge memory card! 

January has been refreshing and accomplishing so far. Cars and computers are 90% working again and just waiting on our registration from Arizona so we can drive our new (older) car! We are so thankful that we could still register our vehicles in Arizona (due to the military) because Florida is pretty pricey! 

Winston is over eleven months now. Only a few more weeks and we will be celebrating his one year birthday! 
I am excited to pose Winston for his one year pictures. I need a little of my sister's creativity :) 

Last week I checked the Goodwill and I am so glad I did! I found a nice wooden high chair for the little guy. He is so cute sitting in it and playing with whatever we put on the tray for him.
I have nursed him constant this whole year and we are just now giving him little things to taste and try. It is so much fun feeding him and watching his expressions.

We bought a juicer this month as well and I am in LOVE! I have been juicing up everything! Maybe I'll post some recipes of what we have been juicing. I'm loving carrots and apples right now. 

My second favorite holiday is just around the corner! Valentines Day!!
I need to begin thinking of how to celebrate it. With Valentines, our anniversary my Mom's birthday and now Winston's birthday, its a lot of celebrating! 
 Since our anniversary is so close to Valentines we may just combine them :)

Here are a few pictures from the 700 that uploaded successfully on my computer :)

His new highchair! 
 Its a little beat up and scratched on the front, but nothing a little scratch free dusting spray can't take care of, thanks Mom for the suggestion!

Mounds of fruit! I didn't even capture all the carrots, celery and beats in the fridge!

Dressed up in daddy's uniform ;D A present from Grammy and Grandpa.

I made some Vanilla Bean Sugar as little gifts for many of our local friends here.
I ordered some vanilla beans online (which was much cheaper) and had fun putting these little presents together.
They can use the sugar for tea or coffee, the sugar will have a nice aroma of vanilla in it.
This idea was from Nigella's Chirstmas book
You cut open the vanilla bean to expose the meat inside and then cut
the bean into smaller portions.
Then place a stick or two in the jar and cover with sugar.
The sugar needs to sit in with the vanilla bean for at least a week.
Winston's first Christmas. 
Here he is on Christmas Eve.
Right before we opened up a package from Grandpa and Grammy.
Which were some homemade jammies for baby. They are so cute!
I also had some yummy homemade Creme Brulee waiting to be devoured. I used some of the leftover vanilla bean and oh my was it amazing!
The most recent shot of Winnie. 
In his Sunday clothes right after church.
Happy January everyone and many blessings for this New Year!


Missy said...

Hey! I love the wooden high chair!! Also the sugar is a great idea. Did you know you can make your own vanilla by putting vanilla beans in vodka for a few months? Seriously ha I haven't tried it, but I want to.

Holly Trujillo said...

What a great find! The highchair is wonderful with all padding.
I have heard about Vanilla Bean Sugar before, but never made any, that is a great gift idea! Winnie looks so grown up in the last two pictures, in the second to last he looks like a little man :)

Kirsteen said...

Great to catch up on all your news!

I'd love to see some of your juicing recipes.

I was just thinking that it must soon be your little man's first birthday!

My latest copy of a food magazine has ideas for Valentines meals in it. I haven't had time to read it yet but will share any that sound good.

Oh, and your little man is as cute as ever ♥ ♥

Natalie said...

Hi there! I know you commented on my blog a long time ago and thought I'd let you know I check yours regularly! Your little man is so sweet! Congratulations on nursing for so long...that's hard work, girl! And your vanilla sugar idea is awesome...think I might try that myself! Have a fantastic week!


Davene said...

I always love reading your updates and seeing your pictures. Winston is adorable, and I can hardly believe he'll be turning one soon!!

Are you going to be able to visit Marie and hug & kiss that new little nephew anytime soon?

Won't it be fun to have all five boy cousins together someday?! :)

Have a happy weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you all for your SWEET comments! :)

Davene we are hoping to see them this month or the next, but its been tight with the finances. In the summer Winston and I will be taking a long visit. Benjamin will be going on deployment. I am hoping we can get a visit in before the summer though!
Cause I can't wait to get my hands on little Ezra :)

Ashleigh said...

I just got a new juicer, and have been juicing alot lately too! It's so refreshing. I would love to read your juicing recipes!

Davene Grace said...

Well, if you do end up traveling north and need a place to stay in Virginia (to eliminate hotel expenses on the way, of course), my home is open to you!!! ;-)

Elizabeth said...

Ashleigh that is wonderful! Yes, we need to swap juicing recipes! :)

Davene you are so kind, that would be just WONDERFUL! If we do end up driving I will let you know! What a nice way of making a long drive so much more exciting! It would be like staying with family. Thank you so much! :)

Davene Grace said...

You are very welcome! It would be wonderful for ME! ;-)