Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fresh Shrimp

I meant to post this meal last week, but the week flew by as did the weekend! 

A friend that works with Benjamin loves to spend his weekends fishing at the seaside and does well with his catches. Benjamin asked him if he ever fished for shrimp, he said he hadn't, but if we bought the shrimp net he would gladly fish for us! I found a nice shrimp size net at the store and Benjamin got it to him before his next fishing adventure. 
The following monday we had five glorious bags of fresh shrimp! We ate shrimp almost every night for dinner last week! And I still have a bag in the freezer. 

We put together beautiful Shrimp Kabobs.
I was disappointed that I didn't take a picture of the food displayed on a plate. After Benjamin came home with all the shrimp I hurried off to the store for some essential vegetables and then after all the peeling and cleaning of the shrimp, we were quite starved and Winnie was ready for bed. Lets just say the food was eaten rather quickly ;)

~Beautiful fresh shrimpies being cooked over our little camping grill. 

~ I was glad that I had least captured two pictures!

~Shrimp Veggie Pittas 

Green Peppers
Red Onions
Fresh Guacamole 
Pitta Bread

Cook vegetables and shrimp anyway you like. On the grill as a kabob really brought out the flavor of the veggies. We just slipped everything off the kabobs and into the open pita-bread. Put a spoonful of Guacamole into the pita and if you want some spice, add some green chili sauce ;)

Bon appetit!


Pam said...

Oh wow, It looks so scrumpcious! It is making my mouth water, and I should be in bed by now, but I am considering my alternatives....what is there to eat. This late night blogging is not good for me... I always get hungry after reading everybody's food posts. Those shrimp sure are beautiful. Sigh.
I Love you sweetie.

Marie said...

Oh wow Elizabeth, these two pictures say it ALL!! They say I should be in FL right now!!!
LOVE the Guacamole sauce. YUM YUM

~ Marie

Elizabeth said...

I noticed that a lot of our friends posted about recipes! It must have been recipe weekend! I was hungry too Mom when I got done reading everyone else's recipes! :)

I love you two :)

mamajil said...

Very delicious looking and sounding I agree with your moms post this was a mouth watering post :) Do you make your own pita's?

Meredith Ivy said...

This looks sooo incredibly delicious, Elizabeth!

I hope you are doing very well and have a lovely weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Mamajil! No, I would love to learn how to make pita's though! Do you make them? :)

Meredith! I miss you! I am so happy that you are back to blogging. Thank you for your sweet comment, I always eat them up!!! :)

Holly Trujillo said...

Beautiful Elizabeth, how wonderful to eat fresh scrimp!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Holly :) Love you!

Elizabeth said...
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