Wednesday, September 8, 2010

7 Months

Be prepared for many pictures! And who else but baby Pookie! ;) These are over the last few weeks, they have been sitting in my camera and I didn't realize how many I had! Sorry for the bad quality on a few of them. A few pictures were not great because of the poor exposure. But who cares, its the little guy in them that I focus on ;)

Look at the little rolls in his knees! 

~Sleeping in our bed. Look at that cute chubby little belly button.

~This was such a cozy day. Baby and I had just returned from Sam's Club and it was pouring buckets outside. Baby was delighted to be at home back in his car.

~Hugging his little giraffe that he doesn't really take too much interest to. He prefers plastic cups to hold and staring at his hands. He still loves to smile at the fans. And lately he has discovered how to scream and does it regularly!

~A cute little outfit that his Aunty Ruthie gave him.

~Here is a fist! I need to capture him holding and staring at both his fists, squeezing tightly and then shaking and grunting! Such a boy! :)

~He finally captured the cat! He has lately been screaming at the cats he he he :)

~Another favorite pastime.

Well, that covered the last few weeks! I had felt like I had been slacking in my picture taking, but after seeing all of these, I now don't think so! 


Pioneer Beauty said...

Dear Elizabeth,
What a delight it was to have you stop by for a visit at Pioneer Beauty..Your sister Marie had joined my blog in the beginning after your Mother did..I am fairly new to this new world of blogging..( I am very computer challenged ) so this is very big for me..I am what I call a "Buy" "Click" and "Send" kind of girl..but I had to learn and branch out as I have a business blog being I figured I would try to learn by building my own personal blog..your Sweet Mother was one of my first Followers..I only learned a few days ago that Marie was her daughter and now delightful..I enjoyed looking at your Yummy pictures above..They are very familiar because we have ourselves just recently had another baby..Benjamin he is now 6mths..and he is just as Yummy Chubby as your sweet boy..I love Rolly Polly Babies..

I look foward to getting to know you and your well as my continued friendship with your Mother..

In Christ

Holly Trujillo said...

Your son is so adorable! I love how you have captured these precious moments, what a sweet heart!

Pam said...

Sweet Baby Cakes, oh what filial delight! To see our little grandson in all his darling 7 month chubbiness and cuteness, is such a blessing to Dad and I. Here we
sat looking and googleing (not in the computer sense)
over precious baby and realized we are late to pick up Eddie. So I will finish my adjectives later on the phone with you. Oh, I loved the post though, and the one below too. No time to comment any more now.....
Love you so much,

Elizabeth said...

Angilina thank you for your sweet sweet comment! How wonderful that you have a little six month old! And his name is Benjamin! My husband's name is Benjamin and we named little Winston's middle name as Benjamin :) I am so delighted to meet you!

Thank you so much Holly! :)

Lol Mom! I hope you weren't too late for Eddie! I am so glad you and Dad got to enjoy the pics!! Love you too :)

Davene said...

Looking at these pictures while listening to the beautiful music on your blog is so peaceful and cozy. Thanks for giving me such a happy start to my day! :)

mamajil said...

Loved the pictures, He has grown so much!!! Enjoyed your post....

Ashley said...

Love the photos of your cutie pie. I just could eat him all up but then there would not be any left for you guys. Ha Ha!!
Thanks for sharing with us.
Love you Ash

Marie said...

Oh my goodness Elizabeth, I Just can't stop stopping by and looking through these precious pictures of little Winston. I love that you posted so many, you can just keep them coming off the hot burner for all I'm concerned!!

Talk to you tomorrow~
~ Marie

Kimberlee said...

What a cutie pie! Just gotta love little, chubby baby feet.

Elizabeth said...

Davene I am so glad the music is peaceful to you! I know, it is really soothing to me to leave on occasionally. :)

Mamajil, I know he has! Everyone says at church that he is very big for 7 months. I believe considering how much he eats! :D

Ashley! You are so cute! You may eat him up whenever you like! I am just hungry for admiration for my baby lol! :)

Marie I know me too! Okay I will :)

Thank you Kimberlee for stopping by and leaving a comment! So sweet :) Yes, chubby baby is the best! :P

Melissa said...

He is TOO cute! Just growing! I've been MIA for a while, but I'm back! I'm glad to see y'all are doing well! :D

Kirsteen said...

I'm not sure how I missed this post earlier in the week but glad I found it today!

What a little cutie pie! Sooo adorable.

Is he rolling over at all yet, or just content to lie there and play with his toes?!

Elizabeth said...

Melissa thank you for your comment and I am so glad you are back! :)

Kirsteen thank you :) I think so too! Yes, he is rolling over, but is more content to lay on his back and look at his toes, which is perfectly fine by me :)

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh boy. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy..... the photos of him sleeping on your bed. Oh my. Oh the chubby knees, and the thighs. Oh the thighs. Oh I need to stop. I'm sorry, I don't want to keep repeating myself, but the *rolls*. I could EAT them. In one go. ALL in one go
Love, Anne x
I'm not even going to know wot...I thought I would be ok seeing as you warned me, but I didn't realise they'd be so bad. ...Eek

Elizabeth said...

Anne, I just love reading your comments! Thank you for looking and admiring even though there was a you know what! So sweet! :)

Leah said...

I love the pictures I have of my kids on my bed at this age. You can never take too many.
Also that little "Shabby Chic" fabric he is lying on on the floor is so my style. My daughter has a bunch of her bedding from that same line - even a pillow with that exact rose fabric (her name is Rose).

Elizabeth said...

Leah, thank you for sweet comment. I am glad to hear you say you can never take too many pictures. I need to tell myself that. I don't want all my readers to grow weary lol, I could easily post everyday about him. I love that you have the exact same blanket mentioned. And what a beautiful name you chose for your daughter! I am excited to visit you on your blog. Thanks for visiting :)

Danielle said...

UBER UBER cute baby boy!!!!
Wouldn't it be fun to get our little chubby boys together???
Love the pic of you helping him sit up, and then the little one after that of him trying on his own. :-D
As always I have to read through all the comments too. . . seeing you and your sister and mom love eachother is like. . . well, I would describe it, but then I would cry.
You are a treasure and I am SO grateful that you shared your little one with us!!!