Sunday, September 19, 2010

An Evening of Boating

On Saturday afternoon our new friends invited us over to their house for an evening of boating. We had them over the previous week and it was like visiting with family. I feel so close to them and enjoy their whole outlook on life. I think another reason why I love being with them so much is that they remind me of my parents. 
We were plesently surprised that our Pastor and his wife were invited as well. This was the first time we had spent anytme with them. I was a little shy with them due to the fact that I think that he is one of the best Pastor's in the world! :) They both were so kind and easy to talk to. 
We left on the boat from their house and spent our evening eating dinner, talking and enjoying the gorgeous breeze. Mr. Porter our host, explained all the sights and took us downtown Jacksonville. 
I am so glad Benjamin reminded me to bring my camera. I was hoping we would get to see a Gator, that didn't happen, but we did get to see a Manatee!

~About 30 minuets from their house. You can see the Henry Buckman Birdge in the distance.

~Our Pastor holding Winston who fell asleep in his arms. The water was a little choppy and I think it lulled him right to sleep!

~Our Pastor's wife on the right and our hostess on the left. The two boys were fun to watch. I forgot to take a picture of their little Chihuahua named Hershey. She was quite fearless, she would jump in the water, swim and keep an eye on her boy Paul never letting him out of her sight! 

~Here is our host and tour guide :)

~A clearer picture of the bridge.

~Look at Winston holding on to Pastor's thumb! So sweet!

~Downtown Jacksonville
 As we neared I could smell freshly brewed coffee and the aroma about knocked me out!

~Another massive bridge.
We could hear the cars driving over us!

~Here a dolphin was spotted and we all were trying to get a look.
 Winston slept through most of the evening. He slept on the way back as well. I layed him down on the soft seat, the ryhthm of the boat and us girls chatting put him right out!

~On our way back above.
 We were able to park the boat, park isn't right, maybe make anchor? Well, anyways, we got out of the boat and walked around a beautiful area of Jacksonville and had some ice cream.  When the evening came, it was just so so peaceful. The moon was bright and it felt like a dream.

The only good picture of us. Several were taken and this one was the clearest. You can see the lights of the city behind us.

I awoke this morning thinking that I head dreamt the whole thing up. I am so glad I have these pictures to prove that I hadnt! 

 A very happy Sunday evening to all :)


Pam said...

Oh gosh sweetie, this was fun. I felt as if I got to come on the trip with you. It was so nice to see your friends and your Pastor. Now I have a picture of them, and can have them in mind when you talk about them.
I love the picture of little Winston holding on to your Pastor's thumb... so sweet. It all looks like so much fun. I like seeing the picture of you and Benjamin and the baby also. Such nice pictures.

Can't wait to catch up. Its been such a busy week, we haven't had time to get all caught up have we?
Talk to you soon.

Love you so much.

Kirsteen said...

Wow, what a lovely way to spend an evening! I'm not surprised you thought you had dreamt the whole thing - I think I would have too!

Kirsteen said...
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Marie said...

Elizabeth, this sounds and looks so peaceful and inviting. You all look so cozy together. I love evenings out like these. The pictures of Winston are so sweet. He is getting so chunky!! I love his chunk so much!!


Pioneer Beauty said...

Dear Elizabeth,

What beautiful pictures..I agree with all just looked so peaceful..The last picture of you and your family showed that your day was Full and Extremely Blessed...And your Adorable Sweet One...seemed to carry the most Peaceful Look of all as he slumbered in the Pastors Arms.."PRICELESS"
Have a blessed week in Our Lord


Davene said...

Wow, this is wonderful! What a treat to spend such a beautiful evening with your sweet family and new friends!

But the best part of all? The pictures of Winston, especially him holding onto your pastor's thumb. So adorable! :)

Holly Trujillo said...

What a delightful time! I love how you captured the sweet moments and the beautiful sights! Your little boy is so adorible:)

Meredith Ivy said...

How sweet, Elizabeth! I love the family picture.

Elizabeth said...

Mom I can't wait for you and Dad to come out and visit! It was so nice catching up today on skype! :) It did my heart well!

Kirsteen, I still feel like it was a dream, the pictures are starting to lose their effect lol :)

Love you Marie!

Angelina, thank you, you are right, we are extremely blessed! :)

Thank you Davene! I know, such a cute picture! :D

Holly thank you! We haven't talked like in one day, we need to talk soon lol! ;D Talk to you tomorrow!

Thank you Meredith! I can't wait to hear about your busy eventful weekend! And hopefully see pictures too!

Danielle said...

What a GREAT post!!!
Oh my goodness, I am going to get another cup of tea and come back and re-read it!
It was sooooo great to go on the adventure with you! Can you believe I've never actually been on a boat? But, now I have had a WONDERFUL vicarious boat trip, and loved every minute of it!
Seeing your pastor holding your little bit, makes me think he must be a great pastor! ;-) Kids know!
I love you!
Thank you for the WONDERFUL "ride"!!

Elizabeth said...

Danielle I have MISSED you so MUCH!!! Thank you for your delicious comments! You bring so much love to my life just by your gentle loving words. Thank you dear friend. ~I love you~