Monday, September 27, 2010

Baby Shoes

Benjamin had to work this last weekend and so one of the things baby and I did to get us out of the house was of course shop ;) I have been on the hunt for a nice pair of shoes that Winston can use while in his car (the wheels tend to roll over his toes now) and his other shoes take a lot of time tying laces and are getting too tight. 
I haven't been able to find him a cute enough pair to buy and at the price I need. I did find a really cute pair when I was at Target the other day, but it was just too pricey for baby shoes. 
I am so glad I saved my money! On Saturday we went to 
Once Upon a Child and found the exact pair that I had been admiring a few days earlier! I was very cheeky of course ;). I also found an adorable pair of Indian styled booties from Baby Gap. Both pairs were in excellent condition.
Total for both pairs $4.00!
Yay for bargains and chubby baby legs!

When Benjamin returned home late in the wee hours of the night, the first thing I wanted to do was show him how I spent his hard earned money!
Luckily for me he was very enthusiastic ;)


Pioneer Beauty said...

What a blessing that Lord gave you the wisdom and strength not to give into your desires as you shopped for Baby shoes...and in your obedience to Him he gave you a DOUBLE well as being a Blessing to your Hard Working Husband..
May the Lord continue to infuse you with His heart and mind..
In Christ

Kirsteen said...

These are so, so cute! I love the first pair - they are like little old man shoes!

Pam said...

Wow, I just love these pictures sweetie. I am going to have to snag them and try to print them... I'll let you know if I manage it. The shoes are so cute, and look so sweet on him. It sure feels good to get such good bargains doesn't it? I'm sure glad you gave me a dose of precious Winston today. I needed it.
Love you so much,

Danielle said...

This is a super sweet post!
:-D LOVE the baby legs, and the tassels on the ends of the moccasins will provide hours of fun! :-D
I am very sad though. . . I have come to the top of my blog reader, I am officially caught up. . . and it is like coming to end of a great book. :-(
Love you, post again soon! :-D

mamajil said...

CUTE shoes!!!! Love that you find such great deals!! and I can not tell you how adorable we think your baby is!!! All my kids are baby lovers and they all agreed he is ADORABLE!!

Elizabeth said...

Pioneer Beauty, Kirsteen, Mom, Danielle and Mamajil thank you all for your lovely sweet sweet comments. I so enjoy your input and admiration! I eat it up like a delicious chocolate bar! Much love dear friends!

Meredith Ivy said...

Winston is so precious, and how inspiring to read about your resourcefulness with your husband's hard earned money! :)

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, dear sister! I miss both you and Marie so much. I feel really out of touch with the blogging world due to the stress of the wedding details, but can't wait to soon talk to you both again and enjoy reading your blogs much more frequently as I used to. Only a few months until we can gather for afternoon tea over Skype as three married women! You in FL, Marie in OH, and myself in England! :)

Davene said...

Isn't Once Upon a Child great?? I just recently went into our local one for the first time, and I was SO impressed!

I'm so glad you found some good deals for sweet Winston. I especially like the last picture of him playing with his new shoes! :)

New Mom said...

He is so cute playing with his feet! Great finds Elizabeth :)