Saturday, November 7, 2009


~He he I thought this one was cute too :)

I have been loving fireplaces lately. Well, I have always loved them, but I have been attracted to looking and studying different kinds. I know that stoves are really the better thing to have, because they are the real heat source. Just not as attractive ;) Here are a few that I found. :)


Holly Trujillo said...

I know what you mean. I love fireplaces too, they are so cozy and warm the heart. In the warmer weather, when I want the cozy glow but not the heat from a fireplace, I put candles in the fireplace and light these. I go to Goodwill were I can get a bag of uses, some times pretty so times ugly (their bases are simi hide so it does not really matter) candles of all shapes and size for 2-4 dollars. Instead of paying 3-5 dollars each like I would have to at a store. The affect of the light candles is very lovely and does the job nicely!

Elizabeth said...

Holly that is such a good idea! I am glad you told me :) I will have to keep that in the back of my head! Now I hope we get a place with a fireplace :P

Where Your Treasure Is said...

I love your fireplace post and your Christmas post. It warms my heart with coziness. I like Holly's idea above too. Its all inspiring a rejoicing spirit. We've been playing Christmas music around here for weeks. Dad has had it on all the time, which it used to always be me pushing it early. I especially miss all you kids this time of year. You are the Christmas lights in my heart.
Love Mom