Friday, November 20, 2009

Enjoying the Season..

I have already mentioned that I am enjoying the season of Thanksgiving and Christmas really early this year. Maybe its because the two prior years were a whirl wind. And I have more time now to feel and sense all the delights! Marie and Jon went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving yesterday and it gave me a chance to bake up some Cranberry Scones. I was a little afraid to make them here since the climate is different then what I am used to in Az. And to waste all of those precious ingredients like butter and cream would be such a shame! And oh my did they come out wonderful! :P Just the right texture not too hard. They MELTED in my mouth! ;) Perfect with a cup of tea to wash down with. The cranberries were really pretty to put in and they gave such a pretty color for pre-Christmas scones :)


New Mom said...

Pretty picture Elizabeth, and those scones look delicious!

Lisa said...

I have been craving scones lately and this photo doesn't help! THEY LOOK SO GOOD!!!;-)

Holly Trujillo said...

These scones look delious and perfect for the season!

Davene said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying the season, even if it is a little early. Actually, it's never too early, I think. ;)

I was just sitting here thinking about how next year, Christmas will be really different for you! :)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Himilce! You know how you asked me if I was craving anything, well it was SCONES! :)

Lisa, I'll bring the scones and you bring the pumpkin burgers!! :P

Thank you Holly :) Wish we could enjoy a cup of tea together....Sigh... Soon :)

Davene, your right! Next year has so many new and exciting changes! And to think we have been friends for a few years now! God is so good to me for blessing me with your friendship~ :)