Friday, September 25, 2009

Virgin Coconut Oil

When I was visiting my mom and dad in Colorado, my mom showed me the benefits of Coconut Oil. Many people (I found out online) believe it is a bad oil and will make everyone fat! I don't think that is the case ;) After reading so much information about it, I am excited and happy!

Its meant to be eaten and applied topically. So I have started using it in my tea in the mornings, which tastes really nice and then at night I use it all over my face and skin and of course the protruding belly, (it diminishes stretch marks.) But my favorite, is that I use it as eye makeup remover. I use a cotton ball and then dip it into the oil and take off all of my eye makeup with it. It comes off so nicely! And it hydrates my eyes and skin at the same time.

I found it in the health food store and Whole Foods. It was better priced at Whole Foods. :) Virgin Coconut Oil is right up there with mother's milk. So if that helps give you a clue on all the benefits I hope everyone will check it out. From skin irritations, rashes, its anti viral, anti bacterial and anti fungal. Its good for the heart, and great for the metabolism, and many many more that I can't remember! But check it out and see what you think. :)


New Mom said...

They also have it at Sunflower Market if you have one. It's cheaper than Whole Foods. I love the faint coconut smell, it reminds me of Puerto Rico. Hope you are able to escape those stretch marks :)

Elizabeth said...

I have never been to a Sunflower Market. I wonder if they have them here!

That is really cool that it reminds you of the smells of Puerto Rico. I LOVE the scent of it! :) I'll let you know if it works on those stretch marks!! ;)

Marie said...

I love this stuff Elizabeth, thanks for sharing it with me. I love it in my coffee and tea too! And I love that it is great for the baby while I'm nursing.

Anonymous said...

I've definitly heard of the health benefits.. haven't looked into price though!! I LOVE the idea of using to get eye makeup off, my eyes are so easily irritated, I will have to look into this more. Thanks for sharing :)

Lizzy said...

Elizabeth ~ Luke and I use cold-processed, extra virgin coconut oil ALL the time! we cook with it a lot; i use it to make my homemade deodorant; eye make up remover; excellent for your skin & hair; and it makes a wonderful all-natural massage oil!! ;) and now that you are officially a 'military wife' like me, you can buy it @ a decent price @ the commissary!!