Monday, September 14, 2009

The Best of Friends

I wanted to do a post dedicated to all of my dear blogging friends! This is really for me, because I find so much satisfaction in all of your lives! You all bring me such joy and encouragement just by simply living your life and giving me a glimpse of who you are. My dear friend Meredith, Davene, Lisa, Mama Jill, Katheryn, Lizzy, Holly, Jodi, Roxy, Sharon, Melissa. And my sisters Marie, Himilce and Olga. And of course my mom! I love you all and love reading about your lives! And all of you who are reading and haven't left a comment I appreciate your reading and hope to hear from you!!!


Davene said...

Aw, thanks, Elizabeth! I'm grateful for you, too, and I always enjoy peeking into your life through the doorway of your blog.

Lisa said...

Elizabeth, you are one of the sweetest people I *know*!:-) Thank you for always sharing your life. I can't wait for your little baby to arrive!!

You and your blog are a delight.

Elizabeth said...

Davene and Lisa,

I am truly blessed to have such great blogging friends! I learn so much from both of you! I wish we lived closer! Thanks for your comment *:)*

Holly Trujillo said...

Thank you Elizabeth, I am so greatful to you for alowing me to see into your life. It gives me such joy. I love you.

Lizzy said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! I find such joy keeping up with your beautiful blog that reflects your beautiful that is characterized by a love for the Lord, your husband/family, your home, and the dainty things in life. Keep it up! I pray we can meet in person someday soon. God bless you, dear blogging friend!!

Elizabeth said...

Holly thank you for your comment! Miss you so much and I had such a nice time seeing you and your mom when we were there last.. Love you!

Lizzy, your words are so sweet. You brought a smile to my heart when I read your comment. Thank you!

It would be wonderful to meet in person. And since my hubby is there in the same city as you, who knows we could run into each other ;)