Monday, September 14, 2009

In Ohio For Awhile....

~My Benjamin and I waiting at the airport for his flight

~Didn't want to say goodbye

~Benjamin seeing his nephew for the first time

~My sweet sister and I

~Marie, Jon and Sleeping Zane

While Benjamin is finishing his schooling in Florida and has to stay on base we both decided it would be best for me to stay in Ohio with my sister and brother. I also wanted to use my sister's Midwife so it all worked out so well! Marie and I are having a ball! From sharing each other's closet to talking without ceasing, Jon has been very patient! :) I have been in Ohio now for four days and before that I had been to Chicago, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado. It feels so good to be here and settled. Marie flew down to help me make the long drive back with our car from Az to Ohio. It was wonderful to have her help and company. Here are a few pictures of the last couple weeks. :)


Marie said...

Such fun pictures Eliza! I have had a wonderful time blogging at breakfast with you :) I am excited to have more mornings like these!

Lisa said...

I love hearing about your relationship with your sister. It's good to know you have someone to stay with while Benjamin is away...and having that someone be your bestest friend twin sister is awesome!!:-) A constant slumber party!!

Sharon said...

Such nice photos. Sorry you have to be away from your hubby, that's hard!! You will look back and treasure the time with your sis though, not that you are not enjoying it now! Beautiful pictures, you must keep your camera with you all the time! I'm excited to blog, I think it will be a nice little record of my fun days :) Have a wonderful time with your sis!!