Tuesday, April 28, 2009


 My mom recently told me about this little girl and her art. My mom is an artist and so of course she took a lot of interest in her :) The video is an interview and tells a little bit of her story. She sold her first self portrait for 10,000 when she was 7. She started drawing when she was 4 and painting when she was six years old. She grew up in an atheist family and had no idea about God. She said she started having dreams about Jesus and wanted to paint what she saw. The family is now saved and she is much older, but her work and the pictures of Jesus is amazing. :)  Her sweet spirit blessed me when I first watched this. I hope you will watch.  Also here is her web page so you can see all of her work. 

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Marie said...

This is so amazing Elizabeth! I love her sweet spirit! I looked at her web sight also and I can't believe the Prince of Peace picture she did at age 8
Thanks for sharing this with us :)