Saturday, April 4, 2009


San Diego visiting Benjamin's brother. I can never get a good picture of Benjamin! He is always pulling a funny face on me!

Hello everyone! This is a really late post. Benjamin and I just returned from San Diego. Clearly it has been a really busy couple of weeks! I feel so behind with my blogging world! I haven't caught up with any of my beloved blogging buddies.

To start off with Marie and John were here a week and half ago, which flew by! And in the midst of them being here, working and preparing three baby shower cakes I got sick on the day I scheduled to make the cakes! I am so thankful I had Marie with me :) I think I would have been up for 24 hours if she hadn't helped me like she did. I felt bad having her help with her own baby cake, but Marie and I are sisters =P
We had so much fun with her and John. They bought us their favorite game, Monopoly and we played several times together in the evening. They are both pros and so of course you can guess who one!

Marie, Himicle and Katheryn's baby shower was lovely! The guests, food, dessert and games were a lot of fun. It was quite interesting having a threesome baby shower. I hope they loved it as much as I did :P I loved making their cakes (thankfully with Marie's help) and except for being sick! I made the cakes a week ahead of time (luckily) and froze them in the freezer. Marie helped me with the crumb coat and making and frosting the cakes. Then I did all the detail and designing. I did a color flow image on each cake and then made royal icing pearls around the top. Using pearl dusting powder. Everything was edible. The nice thing about the images, I put the image on a flat round fondant plaque. So the (Mom's) can take the image home. It made me feel better too, because after all that work I couldn't bear to eat into it! :)

Thankfully I feel rested, and most of the laundry done! I shall get back into the routine of things :)


Katheryn said...

I truly enjoyed the whole experience. Everyone was so thoughtful and kind, I couldn't believe it. The people were great, the food was great, but the dessert, specifically that chocolate cake was the best! Thank you so much for that memory. I have been blessed. I hope you enjoyed San Diego we are going in 2 weeks, just Bret and I for our anniversary. We miss you.

Meredith Ivy said...

WOW-- the cakes look amazing, Elizabeth! You have learned so much in your class!

The picture of Marie and Jonathan is so cute. :)

I'm glad y'all had a nice time together. :)

Hope you have a nice week!

Davene said...

Ah, San Diego! I love that place!

You did such a wonderful job with the cakes; they're beautiful!!!

Marie said...

I Loved the cakes Elizabeth! You guys look like you had so much fun! We miss u already!