Tuesday, February 3, 2009


~Here he is completely at ease

~Obviously not afraid of anything!

~I was doing the laundry and found him here :)

Here are a few pictures I captured when I happened to find our cat laying lazily about. He has such a funny personality. Benjamin and I are constantly laughing at something he is up to! He doesn't know what fear is. He loves dogs and people, especially when they take their shoes off at our door. He love to look and play with their laces :) So here are a few pictures of him, I am sure there will be more. I will post some time when he is lounging in the shower. That is his favorite spot!


Davene said...

What a handsome cat!

I wish I weren't allergic to cats. :(

lizzy said...

Oh I wish you weren't allergic either Davene :( It would be just a bummer if I was allergic!