Saturday, February 28, 2009


The roses on the top and left are mine, Benjamin did the one on the right! :) He loves to make me laugh! Not to bad for his first try! :)

Here is my cake with all that sugar on top! This was my last class for Wilton 1. I still need to practice all that I learned. Its pretty time consuming after you make the cake, figure the color sequence and then actually make the cake look pretty!

It was pretty hard at first working on my roses. But I realized that my frosting was just way to thick. I spent most of my time at class struggling with the frosting stiffness. I had to use the roses that I made for my cake even if they looked terrible! I managed to squeeze out some, but I was not pleased and I did not want to use them for my cake! All in all I received my certificate of completion, but I went home and took off the ugly ones and worked my frosting until it was the right consistency. And sure enough I popped out some really pretty roses! :)


New Mom said...

Well I think it looks very pretty-- and tasty! I loved that frosting on the rainbow cake you made. You have to teach me how to make that, My mom will swoon over that icing because when we order store bought cakes, we always try to find the piece with the biggest rose thus the most icing!

Marie said...

The cake looks Lovely Eliza! I can't see anything wrong with it being smashed. You must have covered it up real good!

The colors are beautiful:)

Elizabeth said...

Marie, no I didn't cover it up really good, it just looks better on camera then in real life! :)

Himilce, wow, I am so glad the frosting tasted good! Benjamin and I are not big on the taste of it, him more then I. I used to love it when I was a kid! Yes, I will give you the recipe for the buttercream frosting :) I wish I could give your mom all these left over, frosting roses!