Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Anniversary #2

Yesterday we celebrated our 2nd anniversary. It kind of took us by surprise! Literally! We had remembered the day before, but somehow we awoke and completely spaced it!!! We usually celebrate Valentines and our anniversary together, so that is part of the reason. But to forget until the mid afternoon that it is your anniversary!! Ha! I ran downstairs calling Benjamin and asked him what today was? We both started laughing!!! We couldn't believe it! I went to the store really fast and got us some firewood, bread, brie cheese and some chocolate eclairs. We roasted our bread and cheese over the fire and it was quite a success! :) 

Afterwards we read Corinthians 13:1 and prayed for our marriage. I am so thankful for Benjamin and for who he is. We both are in pursuit of the first commandment and of righteousness in our marriage. I am excited for this year and what God has already been doing in us. 


Davene said...

Happy anniversary!!!

That's so funny about almost forgetting your own anniversary. :)

Marie said...

Ha ha Elizabeth! What a wonderful surprise for your evening! I love what you had for dinner!! It looks amazing!

Katheryn said...

Happy Anniversary!

What a great way to spend it! I love simple dinners. We sometimes will smoke some salmon with mozzarella and bread...mmmm, olive oil and balsamic. Really delicious. And simple.

I love hearing how you and Benjamin are putting God first, what an incredible marriage you will have. God bless you both.

mamajil said...

Happy belated anniversary!!