Sunday, February 6, 2011

One Year Old Today

Today is the day that Benjamin and I got to look into the eyes of our beautiful little blessing for the first itme. Every month has flown by and I cannot believe that I have forgotten the feel of that day already! I thought I would never forget the pains of childbirth! Its the joy of the prize that erases the memory of the struggle and pain. What a joy! Our lives are forever the better because of our little Winston.

Today is also President Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday! We were so delighted to find out that Winston and President Reagan were born on the same day!
This last picture Winston looks so much like Zane!
Winston loved his birthday cake and I can't wait to post pictures of his party.
Hope everyone is having a happy Sunday! Many many blessings!


Davene Grace said...

Happy birthday, sweet boy! You are so precious!!!!!!

What a Wonderful World said...

I can't believe it's been a year already. Little Winston is such a sweet boy. I am so very happy that you have his joy surrounding you. Love and miss you Sweet Elizabeth.

Love, Jodi

living from glory to glory said...

Happy Birthday Winnie!!
My sweet Elizabeth and Ben. Time really goes fast but what happy memories. I so appreciate your mention of the meaning of the name
winnie. Hope to talk to you soon.
I would love to have a picture of the whole family for the frig.
Love Roxy

Lisa said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! I love all the photos showing how he's grown up...and gotten his own little handsome man looks.;-) CUTE! He truly has the sweetest little eyes. LOVE IT!

Kirsteen said...

Awww, happy happy birthday little man. Big hugs from your friend Alasdair across the big pond xxx ♥ ♥

New Mom said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to that sweet little bundle! Only short year together with our babies and yet we can't imagine life without them, and don't want to remember dreary days of life before! Can't wait to see those pictures!

Katheryn said...

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the moments, they fly. Can't wait to see how much he loved his cake and what he did with it. Give him an extra hug and kiss from us.

Ashleigh said...

I can't believe it's already been a year! The last picture of Winston with his two little teeth makes me smile:)