Monday, February 7, 2011


We have enjoyed rain this whole week and it was still coming down the night of Winnie's birthday. Which is funny because the last time our friends came over it was raining that night too! :)
Winston had been teething all day that day and so we went ahead and gave him his teddy bear before his party hoping to put a smile on his face. He didn't really smile but he enjoyed pulling at the eyes of his bear.
After teething most of the day and I was worried that he wouldn't have any fun that evening with his party. I was able to get him to fall asleep for a short nap about an hour before our company arrived. It was just enough,
although in all these pictures he looks pretty serious.
 He was very serious right before our company arrived, but once they walked in the door he was all smiles! I was so relieved, the last time he was teething and we had company over, he cried for most of the night!
Benjamin made some delicious pinto beans that cooked and simmered all day. I think it was my favorite out of everything else. Below is some Brisket. We had cooked it up a week ago and I just pulled it out of the freezer the day before the party. Then Benjamin rewarmed it slowly in the oven until it was nice and hot. We thought of doing it that way because of how long it takes to cook.

There is whipped cream in the middle of the cake too, but I forgot to press the cake down in all the excitement. So you can't really see it in the pictures.
I am glad I used whipped cream as the frosting. I didn't put a ton of sugar in it when I whipped it up and he seemed to really enjoy the feel of it!
Paul encouraging Winston to taste his cake.......
He ended up feeding Winston quite a bit of whipped cream. If it hadn't been for us requesting him to not feed him any more I think he would have kept up the feeding and Winston the eating! :P
He's got a little mustache and beard going on here!
Such a cutie patootie! He really enjoyed his cake! If I had let him, he would have played with his cake for hours! 
Winston loves to study and examine everything. He will grab little crumbs or pieces of paper and hold onto to it for a long time.  It was the same with his cake. A little crumb here and a little crumb there. I did prevent him from shoving his cake off his highchair though, so maybe he wouldn't have played for hours after all :P

I greatly enjoyed cleaning his face by kissing off the whipped cream.
He is just so tasty and sweet!

He stayed up until 10 that night and was happy as a little lark. 
A little while after he had fallen asleep I checked on him and found him asleep face down with his arms stretched out on each side and his face smack down into his mattress! He he he, a little exhausted I think!
It was such a fun party and I wouldn't mind giving him another birthday cake to demolish! 
 We missed Grammy and Grandpa so much! Love you Mom and Dad!
Thank you all for the sweet happy wishes!
Much love :)


Marie said...

OH WOW!!! What a CUTIE pie you have on your hands Elizabeth!!!!
WInston is so adorable. I love your pictures so much. And that cake is so beautiful, such a great size for a 1 year old birthday. The whip cream looks gorgeous too!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE you and miss you all :(
~ Marie

Katheryn said...

Even though he was way serious with that cake, he was so cute!! How much fun is that watching them enjoy something you want them to enjoy so much. I really believe that birthdays are much more fun for dad and mom. Love the pinto that bacon in there??? Yummy! Boiron Pulsatilla works great for teething and it is all natural. :) Hope those teeth poke out soon.
Love you.

Kirsteen said...

:0) he certainly looks to be enjoying his cake!

Alasdair did the exact same on his first birthday. I had made little cupcakes iced with frosting and he spent ages squishing it all in his little hands.

I've never tried chocolate cake with whipped cream before but it looks delicious. Must try that one out later this week! ♥

Davene Grace said...

He is so handsome!! Thanks for sharing pictures from the special celebration. :)

Holly Trujillo said...

I am so happy that he loved your pretty cake as much as you hoped he would! Our little ones have so little idea of how much we want to please them. If they only knew! I loved talking to you today, you fill my heart with gladness!

Danielle said...

Love love love this post!!! That cake was the perfect size! Like a big cupcake!
Very very sweet!!!

Pam said...

Oh such delight.... I am eating this up. I snagged a few pictures on the post below and put them on my desk top so I can print them. Love getting to see the party he is so precious. Thanks for the peek.
Love Mom