Monday, October 18, 2010


 I have mentioned that part of my work at home is building and writing a website online, with Benjamin's help of course ;)
Most of the subject is on eye-makeup. I have learned so much! One of the more difficult skills is learning how to use false eyelashes and then write about it! I am also having to learn to take pictures as well. So far we have been relying solely on Marie for all of our picture needs, but I do need to learn how to take pictures of myself for future tutorial eye-makeup ideas. Last week had fun playing with individual eyelashes. I really like the individual ones, because they are so natural looking. In the pictures below you can kinda tell that the end of my lashes sort of flare out. It was so fun wearing the lashes that day. After putting them on once I got the hang of it and it wasn't so awkward.

~You can kind of see the flare out of the eyelashes at the ends ;)

~It was so hard taking clear nice pictures of myself! I really need to practice!

I do plan on sharing our website in the near future. I know its terrible of me to talk about it and then not share it, but I want it to look really nice before all of you take a peak! 


Kirsteen said...

What fun! I have a website where I sell handmade cards but I haven't updated it since Alasdair was born, and though I'm desperate to share it with my blog-friends, I don't want to until I get it just right!

Look forward to seeing your makeup site one day though!

Danielle said...

Ok Elizabeth, I need your middle name. So that I can say, Elizabeth "Maureen" You are one gorgeous girl!!!
I have never tried the fake ones, my real ones are so long they scrape my glasses, erg. But they look gorgeous on you!

Elizabeth said...

Kirsteen I cannot wait to look at your card site! I can imagine how difficult it is to keep up with after having four boys! I only have one and I always seem to be short for time! :D

Danielle thank you for your SWEET compliment! Lol about my middle name! I could almost hear you! And oh how nice to have such long lashes! Except of course for the scraping up against the glasses. I dream of having lashes that long! :)

Pam said...

The eyelashes look pretty sweetie, I think I might like to try them sometime. Do they last very long, I mean several days or how do they work? So pretty sweetie.
Much love,

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Mom! Maybe when you come out here we can play and play and play! The lashes last all day and then you just remove them with a wet warm washcloth when you wash off the rest of your makeup. With the individual lashes I don't reuse them, but with the full strip ones I do. If you take care of them properly you can get several uses.

I love you too!

Pioneer Beauty said...

Hello Elizabeth,
I am trying to catch up on some blogging..since I have been sick..thank you so much for your well wishes...I am feeling much better..but still not fully over it yet...I tried the eylash thing before.. LONG,LONG..LONG time ago..
I would LOVE to have natural long eye lashes..Our oldest son has LONG eye lashes which every women that ever see's them say there envious...
You not only did a good job getting those eyelashes also did a good job getting the pictures.. : )

Have A WONDERFUL week in Christ..