Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Benjamin's Birthday

I did say that I hadn't taken any pictures of Benjamin on his birthday a few weeks back, but I did take a few random ones throughout the day of his birthday.
I am so glad I found these! Yay for me! I am not as scattered brained as I thought! 

Benjamin awoke to this very happy face!
I think Winnie knew it was his daddy's birthday! 
Below Winston is wearing one of Benjamin's birthday presents. Clearly he is tuckered out after all the celebrating lol :)

And the only picture of the food that I had taken that day. 
I made him a Tres Leche cake as his birthday cake. Look at all the yummy sweetened cream pooling onto the cake dish! You can't have just one slice of this cake!

It was a lovely day and I think we are still fat from all the meat and steak we cooked up on his grill. I had to freeze some of it so that it didn't go bad lol! 


Homeschool on the Croft said...

One word: DELICIOUS.
No......NOT the cake....the WEE guy!!!
Well, I guess the cake too! Yummy

Love, Anne x

Danielle said...

Oh my goodness, I just LOVED every single picture! Every every one!
Little Winston in "I love daddy" onesie, UBER cute! And that cake. . . I NEED the recipe, not want, NEED! :-D
I would LOVE to see a picture of you "fat" from all the meat. ;-)
AND, have you ever made Steak salad? So so good with leftover steak!!!

Love you!!!

Marie said...

I don't know how many times i have been over here, but these pictures give me a good old yummy laugh every time I see little Winston!! I just squeal with delight!

Yes Danielle is right, I *need* that cake as well!!!

~ marie

Pam said...

Yes, I agree with Marie, every single time I see Winston
laugh, oh my goodness! He is sooo scrumptious. I love those little teeth. I miss him sooo much. The cake is beautiful sweetie, looks like something we might get to eat in Heaven. :)
Love you Mom

Pioneer Beauty said...

Oh My Goodness I don't know which one is more EDIBLE..Winston or the Cake... : ) I love those two little teeth... I am getting nervous with my little guy's soon to be teeth..he has already bitten down while nursing and he only has GUMS...(9mths old) and he thinks it's funny..Now mind you he is our 5th baby and I have been through this..and have dealt with it..but I can already see he is going to be a hard one to break...He thinks it's funny...I mean FUNNY!!!
I actually should post a picture of him..so you can see him...I will try to do that today...

Oh and the Cake...You need to post the recipe...or at least email it to me...either one will be fine.. : ) but to not do either one..would just be cruel.. : }
Remember I'm nursing..and get cravings too..( I know that you agree..because I saw that you mentioned that over at Marie's )

Be sure to stop by as I will get that picture up today..

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Elizabeth, My sweet friend!
Hello and good day or shall I say good-night. I have had a ball catching up with you girls.
Your blog is lovely. And Winston is so cute. I miss being able to see all my girls precious babies.
I may just cry! Love Roxy